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Virtual Recruiting Series: Small Group

06/30/2020 industry_insights

Create a memorable first impression with items that replace traditional giveaways at on-site career fairs.  

Today's candidates learn differently, trust differently, and approach media differently – they tend to prioritize work culture and values when job searching. Stand out and make powerful connections by distributing invitations for intimate events and allow potential recruits to see what your business has to offer over other competitors.  Check out these products that will outline how your business lives up to certain values, and your company will be at the forefront of their minds. 



Gift Card Holder 

Make a statement. Send the Gift Card Holder with a handwritten note and attach a gift card or even a business card to reinforce your brand's message to potential recruits.  


Magnetic Postcard 

Don’t forget to send them a reminder or a thank you note. Let them hang their postcard to the fridge with the Magnetic Postcard. Potential recruits will appreciate the gesture and the added convenience of the magnet while thinking of your brand every time they go to the fridge. (polish)_ 


Seeded Paper Mailer/Postcard 

Whether sending invitations, announcements, thank you letters and more, choose the unique Seeded Paper Mailer/ Postcard. This alternative is not only more eco-friendly than other postcards, but also gives recipients the chance to grow their own wildflowers.  




Custom Messaging Book Acrylic Keychain 

Give more than just the average letter. The unique Messaging Book Acrylic Keychain allows you to further your promotional outreach by adding a coupon, QR code, website and so much more.  


Virtual Cocktail Hour Kit 

Say cheers! Send potential recruits the Virtual Cocktail Hour Kit to toast them on beginning their journey with your business. Each kit contains all the essentials to craft two top-shelf drinks...just add the spirits. 


Flat Mailable Products  

Invite your small group of prospects with some “lumpy mail” while they’re stuck in the house. This full-color capable merchandise can lay flat for easy shipping and provide a fun whimsical product that they can use during their virtual small groups. 


Get recruitment ready! Contact your Staples Representative for ideas, inspiration or to place an order today! Don’t have a Staples Rep? Call 1.800.369.4669 or email to get started.