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Your Eco-Friendly Brand Partner

03/02/2021 industry_insights, branding_basics

At Staples Promo, we take sustainability seriously. Learn more about how we dedicate our time and resources to being your eco-friendly brand partner.  

What good is a great promotional product if it’s wrapped in a bad impression? Whether or not your brand chooses eco-friendly merchandise specifically, our mission is to provide a superior and sustainable experience that maximizes social interaction and doesn’t risk your brand's reputation. 


At Staples Promo, we ensure our merchandise, decoration and distribution processes positively impact the world by ensuring our zero-waste-to-landfill distribution facilities use minimal fuel, water, packaging and plastic for a process that is easy and sustainable.  


We are proud to be the only brand merchandise store with 13 separate controls to ensure your merchandise honors your brand’s sustainability commitments. Every product produced and shipped from our decoration and distribution center uses environmentally neutral: threads, inks and processes in addition to using 100% renewable energy, recycled boxes and zero-waste-to-landfill decoration and packaging. 


At Staples Promo, we have the most advanced decoration and fulfillment center in the industry that uses special Packsize® technology to eliminate waste with on-demand box production. With this technology, we are able to reduce box size by 40% with 60% less void space to help limit transportation and material waste. 


This process helps minimize corrugated by 26%, eliminates plastic shipping bags, reduces packing material consumption and makes smaller, fuller packages to make transport more fuel-efficient. Together, this allows us to save 25 tons of Co2 emissions globally.  


To reduce our carbon footprint even further, we are increasing the percentage of our buildings meeting green building or energy-efficient certification programs and working hard to reduce our operations' greenhouse gas impacts. We also offer customers recycling services to help them run their business more sustainably and partner with recycling vendors. 


To learn more about how your brand can shop sustainably, call 1-800-491-3003 or email to get started.