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SPP Goes Zero Waste To Landfill

05/29/2019 industry_insights

Staples Promotional Products is excited to announce that our Orange City and Marcus facilities will officially achieve Zero Waste to Landfill status this month!


Why did we do this?


Throughout the years, due to the large size of our facilities, tons of trash was being sent to landfill. We wanted to make a conscious effort to do something different, to go further than most to limit negative effects on our Earth. So, we put together a team that’s been working diligently to achieve a zero-landfill status. And this year we have finally accomplished just that!


How did we do this?


Becoming a Zero Waste to Landfill facility didn’t happen overnight. It took systematic change through all areas of the facility and business to reach this lofty and necessary goal. Research was conducted. Feelers were put out to recyclers. Personal trash cans were removed from personnel’s desks. That was just the start of this huge initiative that we’ve undertaken for the betterment of our planet.


Since then, the project has grown into a massive operation in which corrugate is auctioned off to recyclers and non-recyclable waste is sent to a facility in Minnesota to be incinerated for power generation. Additionally, personal trash cans have been removed from personnel’s desks in favor of hubs to encourage recycling and the elimination of plastic trash can liners.



2019- 51 tons total!

Jan-May: only 51 tons made it to the landfill for the entire year! (10.2 tons/month)

June-Dec: 43 tons to waste to energy facility. (6.2 tons/month)

Based on these numbers, we made a 40% reduction in our waste in 2019! This year, we are looking forward to beating 2019, and achieving our zero waste to landfill goal.


We have made efforts to recycle the limited waste we do create. 


2019 Recycling:

Cardboard: 419 Tons

Plastic: 21 Tons

White Paper: 12 Tons 


How can we do more?


Moving forward, we will continue to be creative in ways to reduce waste and the journey to refine waste stream to as little as possible in other areas, such as electricity use reduction and increased recycling efforts. Additionally, a note on our cartons will let your customers know their order has reached them with zero waste generated to the landfill. The best part? Both the cartons and the stickers themselves are recyclable!


To learn more about our sustainable practices and other environmentally-friendly products and brands we can offer you, reach out to your Staples Representative.