Bodacious BBQ Gift Set

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Boost Your Brand with Customized Barbecue Seasonings

  • Cotton canvas tote bag holds artisan seasonings and 600-denier polyester apron
  • Chicago Steak & Chop seasoning
  • Kansas City Classic Rub
  • Athenian Herb Dryglaze™
  • Vermont Grill Dryglaze™
  • Santa Fe Dryglaze™
  • Directions on each seasoning label
  • Apron has detachable neck strap, multiple pockets, side tie strings, detachable bottle opener, padded oven mitt and 11" x 11" towel
  • Apron is machine washable
  • 11"W x 15"H x 5"D, tote bag
  • Seasonings are assembled in USA; tote bag and apron are imported
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Bring brand promotion to your grill and barbecue events with this personalized BBQ set that includes a handy tote, delicious seasonings and a multi-feature apron.