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10 Marketing Tips to Increase Your Brand's Visibility

07/06/2021 branding_basics

Put your brand in the spotlight with 10 expert marketing tips to increase visibility for optimum exposure.

No matter your business size, improving your brand visibility should be one of your marketing priorities. Having a recognizable brand increases your profits and helps establish your reputation as an authority in your industry. In fact, studies show that more than 60% of marketers agreed that consistent branding is essential to sales growth and generating leads. Additionally, 70% affirmed that brand consistency is a must when communicating with existing customers.

How can you effectively increase your brand’s visibility so you can take your business to the next level? Follow our ten smart strategies to create a memorable brand that stands out and gains attention from your target audiences.

1. Clarify Your Visual Identity

Before promoting your brand, you must first establish your visual identity.

Your visual identity encompasses design elements such as fonts, colors, graphics, photography, iconography and others. To create a recognizable brand, you need to codify these elements and use them in all of your marketing assets, both physical and digital.

No two brands are alike, and your visual identity must reflect what is unique about your company. For example, if you want to project a hip, fun identity, use festive-looking fonts and vibrant colors, like turquoise and orange. These design elements will evoke feelings of excitement and enjoyment in your audience. By contrast, if your brand needs to project stability, classic colors like navy blue or forest green may be better choices.

Often, creating cohesive visibility requires specialized knowledge. Instead of forging ahead alone, enlist design experts to craft a distinct, memorable visual style for your brand.

2. Apply Your Brand Across All Your Assets

With a clear visual identity in place, you can showcase your brand on your printed, digital and promotional marketing materials. Make sure your visual style is clear and recognizable on everything from your website and social posts to branded merchandise, brochures, business cards, and collateral.

Accomplish this by always showing your logo and using consistent colors and visual elements when customizing eye-catching designs. Your goal should be to create broad brand recognition across your industry, with current and future customers.

3. Give Branded Promotional Products to Prospects and Clients

Increase Visibility

Everyone loves to get free things-- and you can put this to work for you by giving away branded merchandise and promotional products. This tactic helps showcase your brand while increasing awareness and engagement and making your company look more personable.

While many types of promotional product items are available, you should choose items relevant to your business. For example, banks often give away pens, and dental clinics give away toothbrushes. A thermal coffee tumbler is a perfect option if you run a cafe, while a vet clinic may distribute portable pet bowls.

Give logo gifts to as many prospects and clients as possible to get your brand into circulation and help more people gain familiarity with your company.

4. Deploy High-Quality Internal and External Signage

Signs significantly increase your brand’s visibility as they physically point people to your store or office and/or guide them to specific areas inside your establishment. That’s why you need to apply your brand's visual elements to every sign you use.

You may create some signs that stay in one place over the long term, along with others tied to specific seasons or promotions. No matter their purpose, all your signs should use your established fonts, colors and design elements to reinforce your brand to everyone who sees them.

5. Host Contests and Giveaways with Branded Items as Prizes

Customers love getting prizes and freebies, so leverage this by hosting attention-getting contests and giveaways. You can use social media for these activities to widen your customer reach. Follow these practical strategies to develop a successful giveaway:

Give away multiple tiers of coveted prizes, including branded merchandise, to help get your brand into wider circulation.

Ask participants to take specific action to enter your giveaway, such as signing up for your newsletter or inviting five friends to follow your social channels.

Use one or more unique, relevant hashtags to categorize, promote, and help users find your online activity fast.

6. Promotional Products Make Great Giveaways at Trade Shows and Industry Events

Trade shows and industry-related events are ideal venues for boosting your brand presence. At these events, companies and clients gather to learn about existing businesses and initiate possible partnerships.

Join these activities and set up your booth with appropriately prominent signage, logo decorations and office items, and some branded promotional products to give away. Make sure every aspect of your exhibit -- from your booth to your table cloths to your giveaways -- showcase your visual identity to help attendees recognize you even after the show ends.

Also, to ensure a successful event, you should:

Staff your booth adequately with representatives who can explain your products and services and engage visitors and prospects.

Use lead generation tools to collect and record client data.

Follow up with your new contacts in days after the show to promote brand remembrance and connection.

7. Use Direct Mail

What is Visibility in Marketing

Direct mail is a practical, profitable way to get your brand in front of your target audiences and educate people about your offerings. While direct mail often includes a specific offer to motivate people to buy, you can tap into its brand-building power by showcasing your visual identity.

The direct mail preparation process involves:

Targeting customers by postal route, zip code, demographics, etc.

Designing and packing your kit according to your branding.

Delivering them to your customers from door to door.

You can outsource any or all of these steps to a trusted partner to attain maximum reach, with minimal effort from you and your team.

8. Send Business Holiday Gifts and Cards to Clients, Prospects, and Partners

Sending gifts and cards to your prospects, partners, and clients is an excellent way to forge strong relationships and help them keep you top-of-mind.  The end of the year is a natural time for sending out business holiday gifts and cards, but you can celebrate other occasions and milestones as well.

One smart strategy for getting more mileage out of your advertising promotional products is to share something practical for everyday use. Imagine the power of having a prospect using a coffee mug with your logo every morning or packing lunch in a small branded cooler. You can also give away practical electronics accessories like portable chargers or earbuds that people can carry with them everywhere they go.

Attaching personal messages to these gifts then makes recipients feel valued and helps foster stronger relationships.

9. Create an Awards Program to Recognize Your Clients

Another way to make your brand additionally visible and memorable by creating an awards program to celebrate your customers. Customize your awards to feature your logo and visual elements to keep your brand front and center. 

For B2B companies, giving awards to clients who use products and solutions in innovative ways highlights success stories while giving clients a plaque or trophy they can keep on display. Business to consumer (B2C) companies may gain mileage from contests that showcase how customers do good works in their communities.

Brainstorm some ideas and enlist a design partner to create custom trophies, dog tags, plaques and items that recipients will be proud to showcase in their homes, offices, or social feeds.

10. Make Sure Every Document Reflects Your Brand

To foster brand awareness, you must ensure that all your documents appropriately reflect your visual identity. This consistency helps clients recognize that the materials belong to your company and retain your brand.

Whether you’re printing letterhead, proposals, marketing collateral or anything else, display your logo and other relevant branding elements.  While you don't want to distract from the content, make sure your logo is clearly visible and always use colors from your core palette to boost brand visibility.

Follow Proven Strategies to Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

Improving your brand visibility might seem straightforward, but your efforts won’t yield meaningful returns without being strategic about your execution. Once you've invested in creating a unique, memorable visual identity for your brand, you need to apply those elements across every marketing channel -- from the signs in your office and printed material to your web and social networks. Only then will your audiences recognize you and understand your brand promise and marketing messages.

One smart way to get your brand into broader circulation is to create promotional items adorned with your logo. You can buy inexpensive branded items in bulk and use some higher-end items for business holiday gifts or contest giveaways. When you share your brand far and wide, you'll increase your visibility and name recognition -- and that will draw more people to your business.

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