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6 Benefits Your Brand Will Get From Promotional Umbrellas

07/26/2023 branding_basics

You’ve likely sing-songed “rain, rain, go away” at one point or another, in hopes that a nursery rhyme will actually whisk the wet weather away. However, when you realize you have the chance to promote your brand via personalized umbrellas, you’ll probably be hoping the rain sticks around a little longer. Promotional umbrellas are an underrated swag item to consider, providing you with a fun, functional and completely customizable freebie that your audience will consistently use.

And while many people think of umbrellas as a rainy day item, they can also be used to protect you from UV rays on sunny days at the beach or used as golf umbrellas on the course, making them the perfect product giveaway in rain or shine. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive from personalizing this practical promotional item:

1. Your Logo Appears Rain or Shine

As just mentioned, promotional umbrellas have a place in the sun, in the rain, and in various other weather conditions as well. Regardless of the weather, there are a variety of logo placement possibilities on an umbrella to ensure your brand is visible, with a common placement being the top of the umbrella.

This could look like one giant logo that takes up the entire canopy or a smaller placement on the front or back of the canopy if you want something a little less extravagant. Another logo placement includes the handle, allowing recipients to remember your brand every time they reach for their umbrella.

2. Your Brand Will Travel

If we’re talking about travel promotional items, umbrellas definitely make the list. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the last thing you want is to be drenched from the rain or sweating from the hot sun on your trip. Umbrellas provide protection from both, as well as any other unpredictable weather conditions you may encounter while traveling.

The best part beyond an umbrella’s utility? Your brand gets to travel wherever your audience brings the umbrella, leading to greater awareness and exposure of your company. Your logo, colors or slogan will be seen by tourists exploring a new city, business travelers commuting to meetings, and anyone else passing by during your travels.

3. Inexpensive & Eco-Friendly

Compared to other promotional items, umbrellas are an inexpensive and eco-friendly product to personalize. They’re better for your budget, especially if you decide to buy them in bulk, and offer long-term value for your audience due to their durability.

Additionally, this durability makes promotional umbrellas a sustainable choice, as they reduce the need for your audience to buy single-use items. To establish your brand values even further, you can also opt for umbrellas made from sustainable materials, making it a thoughtful choice for your audience and the planet.

4. Give Your Brand the Look You Desire

Promo items, including promotional umbrellas, provide the opportunity to present your brand with a distinct look that sets it apart from the competition. This is especially important at trade shows, corporate events or community gatherings where many companies are vying for your audience’s attention. By personalizing umbrellas with custom colors, designs or patterns, your business can create umbrellas that align with their brand identity, demonstrate their creativity, and stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, you can tailor the look of your umbrella to align with specific events or themes, such as marketing campaigns, product launches or promotional giveaways. Or, personalize them based on your core customer and their preferences for a more thoughtful gift.

5. Lasting Brand Impressions

Promotional umbrellas leave a lasting brand impression. By giving away a practical item like an umbrella as a freebie or gift, you’ll create a positive association with your brand with both new and regular customers. Beyond saving the day, these umbrellas can also spark conversations on the street and generate word-of-mouth marketing, expanding your brand’s reach and impressions in public.

6. Easy to Buy & Ship Umbrellas in Bulk

Staples Promo offers customizable umbrellas that are easy to buy and ship in bulk, leaving you with a promotional item that is engaging and better for your budget. And due to their thin profile, they’ll be easy to transport to your event of choice where you’ll be giving them away.

Ready to reap the benefits of personalized promotional umbrellas? Start customizing umbrellas with your brand logo and colors today so you can be prepared for future events, outings and gifting needs.

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