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Which Brand Makes the Best Polo Shirt?

05/25/2023 industry_insights

Known for their versatility, comfort, and classic style, polo shirts have become a truly timeless piece of clothing. From starting as heavyweight sportswear on the playing fields of India to its modern-day debut on the tennis courts of France, they’ve gone through quite the fashionable transformation over the years.

Today, you can find this clothing staple in both men and women’s wardrobes around the world, making it a perfect choice for company wear. Personalizing polo shirts with your company logo is an effective way to increase brand visibility and recognition, as well as engage employees and current customers.

However, with hundreds of designers producing polo shirts, choosing the best brand for your company can feel daunting. Instead of scouring the internet in search of the best polo shirt brands, you can find our list of high quality, reputable brands below.

Which Brand Makes the Best Polo Shirt

Business Polo Shirts

Office dress codes have become a bit more relaxed in recent years, making polo shirts a popular choice for business casual attire. Unlike T-shirts, the collared design offers just a touch of formality, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort. This allows them to be worn for a variety of business occasions outside the office as well, such as a networking event or lunch with a client.

When shopping for business polo shirts, there are two important qualities to consider, the first being the material. A common and comfortable fabric used in polos is cotton, or at least a cotton blend, which ensures the shirt is breathable.

The second consideration is the design of the collar, which should hold its shape throughout wear and washes. Luckily, the below brands have already taken these factors into consideration to create the best polo shirt.

Cutter & Buck Polos

The Cutter & Buck brand is a classic choice for polos that prioritizes both performance and functionality. Their high-quality materials provide moisture-wicking properties and UV protection, preventing you from sunburn at outdoor business events. From stripes to solid colors, Cutter & Buck polos also have a variety of styles available to meet your company branding needs.

Port Authority Polos

Since 1994, Port Authority has been designing apparel and accessories that prioritize both quality and value. With over 100 styles of polo shirts, you’re sure to find one that your company logo looks great on. Additionally, Port Authority polos have sizing options for men, women and children, allowing you to cater to a diverse audience.

TravisMathew Polos

If you’re looking for a fresh take on business polos, then TravisMathew may be your brand. Touting shirts that easily transition from work to play, TravisMathew prioritizes style, performance, and comfort while drawing design inspiration from Southern California beach culture. Plus, celebrities and pro athletes alike seem to love the brand's apparel, with TravisMathew polos seen on Chris Pratt, Jimmy Garoppolo and others.

Sports Polo Shirts

Before office wear and business casual attire, polo shirts were originally used as sportswear. Way back in the 1800s these shirts were designed with heavy materials and long sleeves for playing polo.

A century later, tennis player René Lacoste reinvented the polo shirt to be more practical, allowing for better movement on the court. His version was short-sleeved and made of a lightweight knit fabric, which is the popular style we all know and love. Today, you’ll find that sports polo shirts are specifically great for distributing at outdoor events and company golf outings.

When shopping for sports polo shirts, there are a few key differences to look out for in comparison to business polo shirts. Instead of cotton, you’ll want to choose a moisture-wicking material such as polyester or a polyester blend. This fabric is still breathable like cotton, but is better for keeping you dry while you sweat.

Additionally, you’ll want the collar to be less sturdy and the shirt to be more flexible to comfortably allow for full range of movement. Some of our favorite activewear brands have already incorporated these qualities into their design, creating the best sport polo shirts.

Nike Polos

Nike is a cult favorite activewear brand you can never go wrong with for sportswear. Their logo is recognizable to just about everyone and adding your company logo next to theirs on a Nike polo shirt could create an even more memorable impression. They also offer several cuts, styles and colors for men and women of all ages. This allows you to get custom Nike shirts just the way you want them.

Adidas Polos

Adidas is another activewear powerhouse known and loved by many, and was the largest sportswear manufacturer in the world before Nike took over. Out of all sports, they’re most-well known for catering their apparel to soccer players, with tennis and golf players being secondary markets they serve. Overall, you can’t go wrong with adding your brand logo to one of their sleek and sporty polos or other custom Adidas shirts.

Spyder Polo Shirts

Although considered less popular than Nike or Adidas, Spyder is still one of the world’s most famous sports brands, specifically specializing in skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor sportswear. While polo shirts aren’t exactly ski attire, customizing Spyder’s high-quality sports polos could be an excellent freebie to offer at events catered to those in the outdoor industry.

Shop Personalized Business and Sports Polos

With many options out there for both business and sports polos, Staples Promotional Products is here to support you with a vast offering and many brand options. Customize these polo shirts with your company logo to help promote your business and make a memorable impression.

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