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Best Small Coolers

05/25/2023 industry_insights

Summer is an exciting time for everyone – the weather gets warmer, the days get longer, and people come out of their winter shells for some much needed social time. In fact, a study by One Poll revealed that the average American is 31% more social in summer than in winter, with half calling summer their busiest time of year for events and catch-ups.

This makes summer the perfect time of year to capitalize on your audience’s busy social calendar, but how exactly can you grab their attention while they’re out and about? Instead of paying for expensive ad space at sporting events, concerts, and other outings, generating brand awareness is as easy as placing your logo on a popular summer item, such as small coolers.

Customizing small coolers can be an extremely effective marketing strategy, especially since your audience is already using them at the pool, beach, barbecues, golf outings, and more. Unlike large coolers, they’re also portable, making them practical for passing out at tradeshows and other events, or carrying with you on the go. So before you place your summer swag order, let’s take a look at some of the best small coolers for your company to customize.

Small Hard Coolers

Small hard coolers are perfect for a variety of outdoor events, including beach trips, tailgating, and even fishing. Designed with durable materials such as heavy-duty plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum, these coolers are built to withstand wear and tear from sand, dirt, water, and other elements that they may encounter outdoors.

Additionally, hard coolers also offer thicker insulation and air-tight seals that can keep food and drinks cool for extended periods of time, which is essential if you’re planning to spend all day in the sun. Some small hard coolers can even keep items cold for days at a time, making them the perfect choice for camping or road trips.

Because of this, we’d recommend custom hard coolers for companies in industries that cater to active or outdoorsy consumers.

Small Cooler Bags

If you’re looking for something that’s a tad more practical, then a small cooler bag may be the better option for you. These soft-sided bags come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs to match your company branding, and have a few additional advantages over other cooler types.

First, soft-sided cooler bags are compact and lightweight, making them comfortable to carry around for both daily use and at expos, trade shows, and events. They also come with shoulder or crossbody straps, which makes it even easier to carry them.

Another key factor to cooler bags is their flexible soft-sided material. Hard-sided coolers are more difficult to store, as they don’t fold or bend; however, soft-sided cooler bags allow for easy storage, which benefits both your company and the customer.

As a company, this means you have more space to store additional promotional items at the office and events. For customers, this means they receive a practical item that they can fold up and store at home or on the go when they’re not using it.

Golf Cart Coolers

Golf is not only one of the most popular sports, but also one of the most social. Throughout the summer, friends, family, and colleagues gather on the greens for charity events, team outings, or simply for fun, which is why golf cart coolers make a great promotional product.

Whether you’re giving them away as gifts or raffling them off at a golf outing, they’re a high-quality, practical golf promotional items that your audience will actually use and appreciate. Plus, they’re convenient – instead of players running to the golf shop or halfway house between shots, golfers can stay energized and hydrated from the comfort of their cart, which is especially important in preventing dehydration on hot summer days.

Beyond their convenience, custom coolers for golf carts also expose your brand to a variety of audiences. Golfers often spend several hours on the course, and your logo could catch the eye of anyone passing by during that time. This exposure can help to increase interest in your brand and recognition among potential customers, especially if the cooler is complete with custom brand colors.

Customize Small Coolers For Your Next Company Event

As you start preparing for summer outings and events, Staples Promo is here to help you create stand-out promotional products that boost brand awareness and interest. Customize the best small coolers from some of the top name brands including Igloo, Carhartt, iCOOL and Basecamp on our site.

From there, all it takes is one beach trip or cookout with your small cooler to peak the interest of prospective customers. And from there, your brand will start making impressions wherever food and beverages need to be kept cool.

Best Small Coolers