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Best Swag To Promote Your Brand At Beer Festivals

03/20/2019 branding_basics

If you’ve ever been to a beer festival, you are lucky if you came home with a promotional product other than the official event tasting glass.


Virtually every brewery and vendor at a beer festival starts the day with fun, free branded merchandise on their tables. But it goes fast.


People love their beer swag, and most of the free coasters, stickers and bottle openers get picked up before VIP hour is over. Heck, even us industry folks often beat the VIPs by swapping merchandise while we are setting up.


The ideas below can be helpful for any brand seeking to build awareness within the ever-growing community of beer lovers.


Best Giveaway Items for Festivals


Cheap, lightweight and universally appreciated, coasters are a must-have item. Fest attendees will use these at home. You can get coasters printed on one side or both Another option is to cobrand with another company – put your logo on one side and theirs on the other.



Make it easy for people to show brand pride. Basic logo stickers are always a big hit at festivals. Some people put stickers all over themselves during the event. Other stickers end up on home beer fridges, personal computers and even in high visibility places like the back of a vehicles.


Logo Bags

Folks who are collecting swag or buying products from vendors often have a hard time containing everything. A small plastic logo bag with other swag inside it could solve this problem. It could even cause your booth to go viral as people see the logo and realize where they need to go to get both a tasty beer and a helpful item.


Bottle Openers

Provide beer lovers with a tool essential to their passion. Bottle openers come in all shapes and sizes. These are a must for breweries that offer beer in bottles. Every time a logoed opener is used, your brand will be remembered.


Can Coolers

The passion around can coolers is epic. The best of these feature a catchy saying along with your logo. You can go with a basic neoprene sleeve or step up to one with a built-in bottle opener. There are even knit can coolers and bottle sweaters that can stretch to fit anything from a basic bottle to a small growler.


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