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5 Best Promotional Products for Outdoor Events

04/13/2022 seasonal

The start of summer opens the door to the world of outdoor events! Learn outdoor planning tricks and discover how promotional products can enhance your summer events.

Outdoor Parties and Festivals

Summer is the perfect time to go out and enjoy festivals, parties and the great outdoors. When your brand hosts or attends parties and festivals, attendees associate your brand with the fun times they had, and your branded items are seen as souvenirs.

It’s important to keep the natural elements in mind when planning outdoor events. Whether hosting a corporate camping trip or pool party, think ahead and provide solutions that will help guests avoid overheating, sunburning or getting bitten by bugs. Providing items like sunscreen, water, bug spray and anything to make them more comfortable will help recipients build trust with your brand.

Charity and Sporting Events

Both nonprofits and other organizations can take advantage of the warmer weather to promote their message, spread awareness, raise money and support causes that reflect their values. Summer is a great time for organizations of all sizes to reach out to their community with volunteer opportunities, fundraising at local celebrations and hosting events specifically for causes they support. Audiences and participants will recognize your efforts and associate your brand with the community impact.

Sporting events can also be a great way to raise money for charity or grow relationships. Hosting sporting events offers a great opportunity for team building, connecting with your current audience and attracting new customers or clients. Events like fun runs, corporate sports teams and tailgating are all great ways to associate your brand with team spirit, good values and fun summer memories.

5 Best Outdoor Giveaway Ideas

Discover the 5 best custom branded products to improve and enhance your outdoor event.

1. Bella+Canvas® Unisex Jersey T-Shirt

Bella+Canvas Unisex Jersey T-Shirt

Providing matching shirts is a great way to establish team spirit for volunteers, sports teams and more. The Bella+Canvas® Unisex Jersey T-Shirt is ideal for active outdoor use, and comfortable enough for everyday wear.

2. The Park Picnic Blanket

Park Picnic Blanket

Nobody wants to sit on the grass. Use the Park Picnic Blanket to avoid dirt and bug bites ruining the overall experience. Ideal for corporate picnics, festivals and any outdoor event without seating.

3. Outdoor Wellness Set

Outdoor Wellness Set

Avoid sunburns, bug bites, and other inconveniences that risk your audience associating your brand with being uncomfortable. Give attendees the Outdoor Wellness Set for a fun and safe way to gather this summer with products that will encourage them to get outside all summer long.

4. Sports Pack with Front Zipper

Sports Pack with Front Zipper

Help recipients keep their personal items secure with the portable Sports Pack with Front Zipper. A great giveaway for overnight trips, hikes, festivals or launches, these personalized drawstring bags are convenient for any occasion.

5. Waikiki Mirrored Tonal Sunglasses

Waikiki Mirrored Tonal Sunglasses

Sunny days mean everyone will be grabbing for a pair of sunglasses. Think ahead with the unique and colorful Waikiki Mirrored Tonal Sunglasses. Perfect for sporting events, pool parties and so much more!

These are just 5 of our best outdoor event products that you can personalize with your company logo, so browse our site to explore unique advertising and marketing solutions for your brand