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5 P's of Promo

01/20/2022 industry_insights

Discover how to make the most of product, price, people, promotion and place with promotional products for your brand. When forming a marketing strategy, it’s essential to consider the 5 P’s of the marketing mix (product, price, people, promotion and place).

Learn more about how to use the 5 P’s of the marketing mix to your advertising advantage with branded products.

How Do I Choose Promotional Products?

Selecting the perfect promo is a great way to connect with an audience on a personal level. We make it easy to stand out in a competitive marketplace, increase brand loyalty, build relationships and create unforgettable brand experiences. Check out our wide selection of the latest styles and trends, and use our online chat feature for customization, assistance, questions and more!

Is Promo Worth the Price?

The short answer is YES! Whether launching a new product or service, raising brand recognition, or attracting a larger audience, promotional products are one of the most effective ways to spend your marketing budget. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, consumers are 2.5x more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products than internet advertising.

How Do I Know What’s Trending in Promo?

Trust that the merchandise you select and customize will be a marketing win! Our experienced merchandising specialists research the latest and upcoming trends to ensure your brand can choose the best options for your marketing needs throughout the year. Make sure to check out our Company Merchandising Ideas page for the latest trend briefs, blogs and idea books to ensure you choose the best merch available.

How to Grab Attention with Promo

First impressions are everything. The skies are the limit when it comes to promoting your brand. Choosing the right product elevates the brand experience and can help engage, excite, inform, inspire and so much more. Try welcoming audiences with promotional products so they remember the interaction and remember the extra steps your brand took to grab their attention.

How to Promote to Online Audiences

Staying home has become a new reality for many. No matter where they are, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your target audience. Create a space that makes it easy to interact with you on social media so they can stay connected and updated with your brand from the comfort of their couch. Try using branded products to incentivize audiences to follow, engage and more with giveaways that encourage them to tag their friends and family for additional brand exposure.

Check out some of our favorite branded promotional giveaways with options that are perfect for starting your promo collection.

Gildan® Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt

Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
According to ASI, 85% of those who receive apparel items, like shirts or hats, can recall the brand they received it from.  Giving products like the Gildan® Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt ensures that they remember you and spread your brands' message every time they wear it.

24 oz Poly-Clear™ Fitness Bottle

24 oz Poly-Clear Fitness Bottle

Offering incentives to encourage audiences to engage with your brand. Try sponsoring a local walk or run by offering these personalized water bottles to participants or volunteers to improve public relations and grab attention.

Trio Pen with LED Light and Stylus

Trio Pen with LED Light and Stylus

First impressions are everything. Welcome audiences and leave a lasting impression after the interaction with products like the Trio Pen with LED Light and Stylus.

Malibu Sunglasses

Malibu Sunglasses

Available in a selection of brand-complementing colors, these logoed Malibu Sunglasses are great for displaying at the office, tradeshows and more all year.

Start shopping! Explore the latest styles and trends for effective advertising and marketing solutions.