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7 Reasons to Promote with Custom Drinkware

04/27/2022 branding_basics

Discover 7 reasons drinkware can be an effective advertising and branding tool.

From cups and mugs to water bottles and more; drinkware is a classic promotional item that is always a big hit with recipients. With so many options to choose from, finding a drinkware option that fits your budget, marketing needs, and vision has never been easier.

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1: Custom Drinkware Generates 1,400 Impressions Over a Year

Custom drinkware is always a favorite among recipients. The Advertising Specialty Institute found that custom drinkware generates 1,400 impressions over a year on average. That means every time they grab a drink of water, coffee or any other beverage is an opportunity to interact with your brand.

2: Custom Drinkware Items are 70% More Likely to be Kept

When compared to other popular promotional products, the ASI also found that custom drinkware items are 70% more likely to be kept. That means the average 1,400 impressions drinkware generates is multiplied for even more brand exposure.

3: Branding that Actively Supports Sustainability

Non-reusable and unrecycled drinkware are some of the main contributors to pollution. When your brand chooses custom drinkware like water bottles, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually per recipient.

4: 78% of Consumers Own Promotional Drinkware

According to ASI, 78% of consumers own promotional drinkware making them one of the most popular and effective branding solutions.

5: Create the Perfect Brand Experience

Serving a beverage can help attendees feel more relaxed during potentially awkward situations like introductions, meetings, networking events, etc. Try including custom drinkware like mugs for morning meetings over coffee to remind recipients of your brand's hospitality.

6: Drinkware Accessories to Build Brand Exposure

Getting creative with drinkware is a wonderful way to show audiences your attention to detail. Items like reusable straws, koozies and more can be a small way to add an extra element to any campaign, event or other branded experience.

7: Drinkware to Drive Business Goals

Since drinkware is such a popular item, it can work wonders when trying to raise morale, incentivize corporate goals and encourage healthy habits. Try offering drinkware as a “thank you” to reach sales goals and reach milestones.

Choosing the Best Drinkware for Your Branding Needs:

Now that you know why custom drinkware items are so effective, discover some of our favorite options selected by our merchandising experts.

Corkcicle Stemless Glass Set of 2

Corkcicle Stemless Glass Set of 2

Elevate any gift or event with the Corkcicle Stemless Glasses. This set provides an elegant aesthetic ideal for cocktail hour, breakfast meetings and corporate gifting.

Himalayan Tumbler

Himalayan Tumbler

Boost your marketing efforts by using the Himalayan Tumblers as prizes to incentivize corporate goals and boost morale. Perfect for the morning commute and staying hydrated throughout the day.

16 oz. Silipint™ Straight-Up Pint Glass

Think outside the traditional cup with the unique design of the Silipint™ Straight-Up Pint Glass. Engineered with durable 100% silicone to resist breaks, cracks, chips and scratches, recipients will keep this cup for years.

These are just a few of the promotional drinkware items you can get at Staples Promotional Products! Check out all of our tumblers, glasses and more that you can put your company logo onto!