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Branding at Beer Festivals

08/17/2022 seasonal

Shop the top branded beer festival merch for Oktoberfest, state fairs and other celebrations.

Let recipients associate your brand with the same feeling of grabbing a beer with friends. Whether hosted or attended by your brand, beer festivals like Oktoberfest are an excellent opportunity to personally connect with your audience. Learn more about how your brand can successfully promote at beer festivals with effective custom products.

Promotional Products at Oktoberfest and Beer Festival Merch

Gathering to socialize or network over a cup of beer is nothing new. For centuries, festivals like Oktoberfest have been an opportunity for attendees to meet new people, try new beers and make lifelong memories. Whether hosting or attending, your brand can be a part of the beer festival action to create deep brand loyalty. You can do this by setting up branded experiences like promotional souvenirs, a branded photo booth, games, raffles and more.

Best Giveaway Items for Festivals

To help your brand stand out from everything else at the festival, shop effective promotional products to draw attention to your brand.

Beer Flights

5 oz Craft Beer Taster Glass

The best part about a beer festival is the chance to sample a variety of options from local breweries and small businesses. Offer attendees a flight of options with a set of branded 5 oz Craft Beer Taster Glasses. This will allow attendees to associate your brand with the durability of high-quality glass rather than a cheap, flimsy plastic cup.

Beer Glasses

16 oz Ale Can Glass

Beer glasses are perfect for creating an upscale and approachable vibe. If you are hosting a charitable beer or drinking event, try giving the 16 oz Ale Can Glass as an included perk for the price of admission or donation. Recipients will be more excited to contribute and admire your brand values and charitable efforts.


LED Light-Up Coaster

Inexpensive, lightweight and universally appreciated, coasters are a must-have item. Every time an audience has a drink, they will see your brand on the coaster and remember you long after the event is over. Make a sizeable impression by distributing these personalized coasters at pool-side parties, nighttime events and more.

Can Coolers

12 oz Slim Fit Kan-Tastic Can Holder

Although it is a beer festival, some attendees might opt for other options instead. As alcoholic seltzer options become increasingly popular, skinny cans are on the rise. Staying ahead with a 12 oz Slim Fit Kan-Tastic Can Holder will impress any crowd.

Bottle Openers

Metal Key Tag with Bottle Opener

Provide beer lovers with a tool essential to their passion. Bottle openers come in all shapes and sizes. These are a must-have for small and local breweries that offer beer in bottles. Every time a logoed opener is used, your brand will be remembered. Enhance your brand’s credibility by giving these bottle openers printed with your logo to everyone at the event!

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