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SPP Trends: Earth Day 2022

01/07/2022 styles_trends

Mark your calendar for April 22 and honor earth day with the latest sustainable branded merchandise.

This year, use Earth Day as an opportunity to show your brand’s eco-friendly side and learn more about the benefits of celebrating with eco-friendly promotional products.

The History and Future of Earth Day

Earth Day originated in 1970 as a call to take a stand for the betterment of the environment. For over 50 years, Earth Day celebrations have included cleaning land and rivers, educational segments, restoration and efforts to start a conversation about being eco-friendly.

This year, Earth Day is on Friday, April 22 with efforts focusing on educating and preventing the world from climate change. reports that “climate change and other environmental degradations have broken our natural systems, leading to increased frequency of disasters, new and fatal diseases as well as a breakdown of the global economy.”

Use this Earth Day as an opportunity to support the planet and your brand. Discover the latest in sustainable branded products designed to limit waste, repurpose recycled materials and give to organizations supporting the environment.