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SPP Trends: Forever Young

11/11/2021 styles_trends

Let’s play! Discover the world of fun gadgets perfect for promoting both big and small brands and businesses.

Most people have fond memories of playing with their favorite toys as children. Give recipients that “new birthday gift,” feeling every time they see your brand with fun gadgets featuring your logo.

The Benefits of Marketing with Nostalgia

Almost everything that was once old has been brought back to life again from TV shows, snacks and most importantly styles! Now more than ever before, apps like TikTok have allowed us to share all of our new favorite hobbies, styles inspired by what we loved as children with the world. Much like when they were children, millennials and gen-z value having truly personal hobbies, that they don’t try to monetize, to enhance new experiences with the safe space to enjoy the process regardless of their skill level.

Reflecting on our past, we look to embrace moments that brought us joy and happiness. It's an opportunity to connect with our past while looking toward the future with an optimistic outlook. Bringing back a memory that connects recipients with their childhood and your brand can evoke feelings of hope, joy and loyalty. Figurines, stress balls and more can be used as a form of decorative expression, work break activity, creativity booster and as a gift to show your appreciation. Perfect for showing your brand's “fun side,” at registers, cubicles, corporate events and so much more.

Discover playtime again with products inspired by playtime and childhood to promote your brand!