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SPP Trends: Outdoor Events Reimagined

06/06/2022 styles_trends

Enjoy getting a breath of fresh air with products and strategies to reimagine outdoor events.

Summer is the perfect time to go out and enjoy festivals, parties and the great outdoors. When your brand hosts or attends parties and festivals, attendees associate your brand with the fun times they had, and your branded items are seen as souvenirs.

Outdoor Event Setup

It’s important to keep the natural elements in mind when planning outdoor events. Whether hosting a corporate camping trip or pool party, think ahead and provide solutions that will help guests avoid overheating, sunburning or getting bitten by bugs. Providing items like sunscreen, water, bug spray and anything to make them more comfortable will help recipients build trust with your brand.

Outdoor Microevents

Micro-events are short, custom-tailored experiences that provide value to your organization’s target audiences. Done right, micro-events have the power to differentiate your brand from others, highlight your values, generate leads, boost sales, increase customer engagement and improve client retention. Some fun summer micro-events include outdoor happy hours, game nights, interactive experiences, podcasts and so much more.