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Women's History Month

03/02/2022 industry_insights, branding_basics

Throughout history, women have been the masterminds behind some of the best work in music, science, art, technology and so much more. Celebrate women’s accomplishments in every field with branded items that show your brand’s support.

What is Women’s History Month?

In 1987, Congress officially designated March as Women’s History Month to “celebrate the contributions women have made to the United States and recognize the specific achievements women have made over the course of American history in a variety of fields.”

Since then, both individuals and organizations everywhere have celebrated icons like Gloria Steinem, Susan B. Anthony, Billie Holiday, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and more, who overcame adversity and left a lasting impact. This recognition has resulted in more women feeling empowered, inspired and encouraged to follow their dreams.

Best Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

When your organization considers options for celebrating Women's History Month, it's essential to recognize that women are still fighting to break barriers. Highlighting real women in your workplace or community shows that your organization actively contributes to female success. Award ceremonies are ideal for recognizing professionalism and excellent work ethic, celebrating diversity and acknowledging their advancements in the field.

Another way to recognize women's accomplishments is to broadcast them to a broad audience. Using platforms like email and social media to highlight influential women in your organization, community or history allows your brand to share with countless others how much your brand appreciates and values their determination, professionalism and accomplishments.

Top Corporate Gifts to Recognize Women

Celebrate women in history while cheering the women in your community on for their future achievements with the top branded merchandise.

Beekman 1802 Farm to Skin Lotion & Bar

Beekman 1802 Lotion

Treat the “She-EO” in your organization with the perfect gift for her busy schedule. Gift the Beekman 1802 Farm to Skin Lotion & Bar kit to all the female frequent flyers, executives and top brand partners.

Modern Sprout® Seek Peace Take Care Kit

Modern Sprout Seek Peace Take Care Kit

Did you know lavender is the scent of 2022? Try giving valued customers, employees and other significant women this self-care-focused gift set for a modern, fun and botanical take on traditional gift-giving with the Modern Sprout® Seek Peace Take Care Kit

Sherpa Blanket

Sherpa Blanket

Simply put, everyone loves a soft, luxurious throw blanket. Try giving both male and female employees the Sherpa Blanket to educate the entire office on the importance of women’s history and female empowerment.

Maui 8 oz. Laminated Cotton Tote Bag

Custom Laminated Tote Bags

Women deserve to feel confident, inspired and encouraged in the workplace. Try filling the Maui 8 oz. Laminated Cotton Tote Bag with items to help women everywhere achieve their goals. Great for sharing with participants at educational seminars, conferences and more.

16 oz. Valhalla Copper Vacuum Tumbler with Cork

Valhalla Copper Vacuum Tumbler with Cork 16oz

Raise a tumbler to women’s contributions and praise female success with the 16 oz. Valhalla Copper Vacuum Tumbler with Cork. Perfect for corporate gifting, professional awards and implementing diversity initiatives.  

5 oz. Scented Copper Rectangular Candle

Rectangular Candle

Several women are challenged with juggling work stress with family, fitness and friends. Encourage hard-working female employees, clients and customers to prioritize their mental health with tools like the 5 oz. Scented Copper Rectangular Candle to take time to unwind and decompress.

Feel free to browse all of the products in Staples Promotional Products to see which ones best fit your target audience during Women's History Month!