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Bulk Employee Appreciation Gifts

01/05/2023 worklife

Did you know that a Forbes study indicated that companies scoring in the top 20% for having a “recognition-rich culture” show a voluntary turnover rate (i.e. employees quitting vs being fired or laid off) was actually 31% lower when compared to other organizations who don’t promote that culture as well?

There are many ways to let employees know that they are appreciated and one big way that can be done is through the use of custom products! The team at Staples Promotional Products presents a variety of one-off and bulk employee appreciation gift ideas that will wow your staff.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

The team at Staples Promotional Products wants to help you find the right items for you to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Some of the things you can customize with your brand logo or messaging to give to your team as a reward for their dedication include portable speakers, a wireless charging desk organizer and gift sets.

There are also several other options you can choose from if you want to give your staff something nice to show your gratitude. Whether it’s golf balls from Titleist, journals from Moleskine or polo shirts from Nike, we offer a number of high-quality products from name brands that you can add your company logo to. You can even present customized awards for an extra show of class towards your employees.

Inexpensive Employee Appreciation Gifts

If you want to save while still getting your employees nice things, Staples Promotional Products offers many great choices. Some of the ones that you can customize include:

  • Cooler bags
  • Yoga mats
  • Blankets
  • Tumblers
  • Wireless speakers

There are a number of items you can add your brand logo to without breaking the bank. The products range from fuzzy socks and light-up cinema board that work just as well at home than they do at the office to commuter-friendly options like the graphite dome 15" computer backpack and wheat straw lunch box set.

For those who are looking for employee gifts on a tighter budget, there are products available that are priced at less than $5 per unit. Among them are the pictured Hercules grocery tote bag and the 11 oz The Joe ceramic mug that’s ideal for coffee and tea drinkers alike.

When is Employee Appreciation Day?

National Employee Appreciation Day always falls on the first Friday of March in the United States. Of course, the holiday falls on a Friday since there’s no better way to have your employees say TGIF than with some much-deserved appreciation!

Though employers were showing their staff how grateful they were for their efforts, National Employee Appreciation Day was only created in 1995 by Bob Nelson who is a founding board member of Recognition Professional International. Since then, many branded products have been bought in the same of appreciating employees for this holiday.

Check out all of the items on our site that you can add your company logo to and gift to your team, whether you’re celebrating National Employee Appreciation Day or just want to thank your staff for their loyalty!