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Promo Product Spotlight: Client Appreciation Event Ideas

10/17/2023 worklife

What is a Client Appreciation Event?

A client appreciation event is a gathering hosted by a business to build relationships with clients, thank them for their business, and enhance customer loyalty. When asked in a Hubspot survey about what "customer loyalty" means, 74% of respondents said it's about feeling appreciated and understood rather than receiving special offers. 64% also mentioned that they are willing to spend more on a brand that remembers them and offers a personalized experience, such as an appreciation event.

Appreciation events can take various forms, including cocktail parties, luncheons, workshops, or business outings. These events and activities not only show clients appreciation, but allow for networking and socialization outside of the office to deepen business relationships. Additionally, appreciation events are often accompanied by customized gifts that clients can take home to remember the experience.

How Do You Throw a Client Appreciation Event?

Cocktail & Dinner Parties

Hosting a cocktail or dinner party is a fun yet sophisticated way to show appreciation for your clients. This type of outing provides an intimate setting for meaningful interactions, fostering stronger client relationships over fine dining and drinking. You can make the gathering casual by hosting a happy hour celebration at a local bar or restaurant, or host something more formal such as a gala at a high-end venue. Complete the party with personalized touches, like place cards or customized swag.

Golf Outings

Sponsoring a day on the golf course is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, network with clients, and show appreciation. Golf is one of the most played sports in the U.S., with more than 6 million people of all ages playing per year. It’s also an especially popular sport for people in business, as golf outings are just that common of an occurrence.

Clients can unwind, and connect with other clients and company employees, and of course, no golf outing is complete without golf promotional products such as branded golf balls, tees, polo shirts, or even golf bags to elevate the experience and make clients feel extra appreciated.

Volunteer Events

If you’re looking for a way to appreciate clients while giving back, hosting a volunteer or community service is a unique way to do both! Clients, alongside company employees, come together to support a charity or cause of your choice – that could be a local trash clean-up, a food drive or food pantry event, a charity run, or other community-building projects.

This not only strengthens bonds between clients and the company but also communicates your company's values and purpose to your clients. The event could be followed by a happy hour, and your company could also customize complimentary t-shirts for the event as an added bonus.

Swag Ideas for Client Appreciation Events


Different types of customized drinkware is a thoughtful and practical gift for various client appreciation events. High-quality options like engraved glassware can be gifted at formal dinners or galas, while stainless steel tumblers or water bottles would be better for golf outings or outdoor appreciation events. Personalized with your company's logo, a special thank-you message, or the date of the event, it serves as a lasting reminder of gathering and your appreciation for clients.

Tote Bags

Custom tote bags for a client appreciation event are items that clients will appreciate at the event and beyond. Embroidered with your company's logo, a monogram, or a special message, they build brand awareness as well as serve as a personalized, memorable gift for clients. Additionally, tote bags are not only eco-friendly but also useful for everyday tasks, from grocery shopping to carrying work essentials. Clients can also use them at the event if they’re taking home swag or other items from the outing – you could even stuff them with swag beforehand!


Personalized apparel works for a variety of events and occasions, as you can customize casual wear, sportswear, or more formal clothing items. For example, customizing a t-shirt with your company logo and the name of your event would be great for an outdoor volunteer event, while custom polo shirts would work well for a golf outing. Jackets, hats, are other accessories you can customize based on the occasion and the preferences of your clients. For a premium touch, you can also order clothing from top retail brands like Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Carhartt, and more.

Prepare for Client Appreciation Events with Staples Promo

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Client Appreciation Event Ideas