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How to Create Memorable Client Appreciation Events

09/21/2023 worklife

Going Beyond Expectations: Realtor Gifts for Clients at Appreciation Events

Did you know that 82% of clients will leave because they believe the company they’re working with doesn’t care about them? No matter how good your product or service is, clients won’t remain loyal without being recognized for their consistent support of your business. They want to feel seen, heard, supported, and appreciated, which is why you should be hosting client appreciation events on a regular basis. All it takes is one to two events per year, along with a few custom appreciation gifts, to keep your clients happy and loyal. Here are a few ideas if you’re looking to make your event memorable.

Client Appreciation Event Ideas

Client Appreciation Golf Outing

It combines sport, leisure, and networking, offering clients a chance to unwind while mingling with new friends and business contacts on the course. To elevate the experience even further, you can customize golf swag like personalized balls, towels, and tees that clients can take home with them. These are not only extra tokens of appreciation, but are a keepsake for clients to remember the exciting event you put on for them.

Client Appreciation Happy Hour

You can’t go wrong with hosting a company-sponsored happy hour to show appreciation for your clients. This type of event allows your clients to enjoy cocktails and snacks in a relaxed, casual setting outside of the office, fostering more personal connections with them. Clients also have the opportunity to mingle with fellow clients in attendance, sparking new business relationships. You can also personalize custom drinkware and accessories for clients to use throughout the happy hour, such as custom cocktail glasses, koozies, wine openers, straws, or napkins. At the end of the happy hour, clients can take their happy hour swag home as a reminder of your appreciation.

Going Beyond Expectations: Realtor Gifts that Wow Clients at Appreciation Events

Custom Keychains

Custom keychains are a heartfelt appreciation as a realtor gift for clients. It’s the perfect gift for the occasion, helping them celebrate the excitement of owning a home. As you hand clients the keys to their new home, they’ll be thrilled to see their set of keys attached to a personalized keychain, complete with their address and initials. This small gift holds sentiment and is a simple and affordable way to say thank you to your real estate clients. Additionally, keychains serve a practical purpose — moving is already a messy process with many things to keep track of, and a keychain helps clients keep their keys close to them.

Custom Coasters

Gifting custom coasters to real estate clients is a thoughtful yet practical appreciation gesture. These functional home accessories safeguard new counters and furniture from water stains, which is important when moving into a new home. By personalizing them with monograms, "thank you" quotes, the client's address, or their move-in date, these coasters become a meaningful memento of their real estate journey and this exciting milestone in their life.

Branded and Practical: Useful Client Gift Ideas for Appreciation Events

Custom Can Holders & Koozies

Custom can holders and koozies are very practical items to give clients at appreciation events. Anywhere that a client has a beverage in hand is a setting where they could use a branded can holder. This includes client appreciation picnics, golf outings, happy hours, and holiday parties, keeping their hands dry and drinks cold. After the event, clients can take these branded holders home, spreading brand awareness outside of business settings and in their social circles.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Branded stainless steel water bottles are a bit nicer than plastic ones, making them a high-end and practical gift for client appreciation events. Clients can use them to stay hydrated throughout the event. Beyond the appreciation event, clients can use their branded reusable bottle as versatile during travel, at the gym, or at the office, spreading brand awareness wherever they use it.

Celebrating Success: Luxury Client Gift Ideas for Special Events

Personalized Champagne Flutes

Nothing says luxury like a glass of champagne – and a personalized flute to sip out of, of course. Perfect for VIP clients or large milestones, custom champagne flutes are classy and elegant gifts that can be given to show clients you see and appreciate their success, from closing deals to hitting new sales goals. Each glass can be engraved with details of the celebrated milestone, along with your company logo.

Create Memorable Client Appreciation Gifts with Staples Promo

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