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The Power of Corporate Gifts for Clients

09/21/2023 branding_basics

Struggling with client loyalty and churn? If so, it may be time to reevaluate your client appreciation strategy and tactics. An idea that excites clients and companies alike – and one that is proven to work – is corporate gifting. Let’s take a look at why it’s important and how it can impact your business, along with a few fun corporate gifting ideas.

The Art of Client Appreciation: Building Stronger Relationships

Investing in corporate gifts for clients can be easily looked over as a strategic way to strengthen client relationships, boost brand loyalty, and build your company’s reputation. Surveys show that nearly 94% of clients believe personal relationships are critical to success, with 89% believing that business gifts bring people closer together. This shows us that purchasing the right corporate gifts for clients establishes meaningful connections, and can serve as the first stepping stone to long-lasting partnership and support from your clients.

Secondly, corporate gifting can lead to a big boost in brand loyalty. Clients want to be appreciated for their business, and when they don’t feel appreciated, it leads to higher client churn. In fact, 82% of clients will leave if they don’t feel cared about or appreciated. When clients feel valued, their loyalty strengthens. They may even become brand ambassadors for your company if they feel appreciated enough, recommending your product or services to friends, family, and business contacts. Each gift becomes a reminder of the positive association with your brand, deepening their commitment and encouraging repeat business.

Lastly, meaningful corporate gifts can elevate your brand's reputation and increase awareness. People talk, and you want to be known as the company that appreciates and pays careful attention to their clients. Thoughtfully customized gifts are proof of your genuine care, enhancing the perception of your brand for prospective clients. Additionally, branded corporate gifts help spread brand awareness when they’re used by clients in public places.

So, now that the benefits are clear, when should you start giving clients gifts? There are plenty of occasions to choose from, from signing a new deal to renewing contracts, or celebrating new milestones in your partnership. Additionally, you can think about gifting around the holidays, or hosting a client appreciation day. The most important point here is to make your corporate gifting and appreciation consistent, as clients want to be recognized more than once or twice a year.

Personalized Corporate Gifts: Making a Lasting Impression on Clients

Personalized Apparel

Gifting clients personalized company apparel builds brand awareness while showing appreciation. Go beyond the basic tee and personalize high-quality pullovers, jackets, and quarter zips complete with your company logo. As an extra special corporate gift, you can customize apparel from well-known brands like The North Face and Nike.

Custom Coolers

Essential for outdoor gatherings and social settings, personalized coolers offer clients a valuable item they'll frequently use. By personalizing these coolers with your logo and giving them as corporate gifts, clients are sure to recognize your generosity and appreciation. Additionally, as the cooler becomes a staple at outings, your brand will gain exposure and even referrals.

Branded Bluetooth Speakers

Gifting branded Bluetooth speakers is sure to stir up excitement among clients, especially when they’re from fan-favorite brands like Sony and Skullcandy. Tech-savvy presents like these show clients just how much they matter, extending your gratitude for their business far more than a gift card or other ordinary present would. Clients can use the speakers in both personal and professional settings, and will be reminded of your appreciation for them while listening to their favorite tunes.

Corporate Gift Sets for Clients: Standing Out in a Competitive Market

Gourmet Food & Wine Sets

Gourmet food and wine sets are a classic choice for corporate gifts, and are also conveniently pre-curated and ready to give to clients. Consider a wine and cheese board set, which includes personalized cutting boards, utensils, a wine opener, and a bottle holder, all with your logo on it. Alternatively, a custom wine set with engraved reusable glasses and a nice bottle of wine could be the preferred choice for serious wine enthusiasts. For a set that everyone will love, opt for premade baskets of sweets or savory treats delivered in a basket wrapped with your logo.

Custom Wellness Gift Sets

Custom wellness sets make for thoughtful corporate gifts that transcend traditional gestures, communicating your genuine care and appreciation for your clients. Wellness gifts show your clients that you recognize the challenges of a demanding work environment, encouraging them to take some much-needed time for themselves. Personalizing items like candles, soaps, sleep masks, lotions, and lip balm promote rest and relaxation, resonating with clients on a more personal level.

Customize Corporate Gifts with Staples Promo

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Corporate Gifts for Clients