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Creating Employee Resource Groups

06/16/2021 worklife

Build a strong company culture and learn about the benefits of supporting employee resource groups.

Careers aren’t just about work—the best organizations make efforts to understand and consider both employee's personal wellbeing and professional development. Employee Resource Groups, also known as ERGs, are a great way for organizations to create personalized support networks that provide employees with a sense of belonging and community within the workplace.

What are Employee Resource Groups?

ERGs are established to provide a mutually beneficial relationship for the organization and associates. Members work together on a voluntary basis with the purpose of supporting associates, creating networking opportunities, building inclusion and diversity representation and improving business in the marketplace.

ERGs serve as internal resources to support associate engagement and additional business activities such as recruitment/talent acquisition, leadership development, product development, marketing, corporate branding and community relations. ERGs provide a sense of community within the workplace, offer a forum for members to discuss relevant challenges and opportunities, and enable joint efforts on common areas of interest.

Typical ERGs include networks for women, people of color, LGBTQ+, veterans, those with disabilities and young professionals. Groups should be based on shared goals and often focus on volunteering, mentorship or sustainability.

Employee Resource Groups at Staples

We understand and value the importance of our employees' sense of belonging and professional development in the workplace.

Staples Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play an important role in supporting and sustaining our commitment to Inclusion & Diversity. We welcome all employees to join any of our ERGs available.

Currently, Staples has nine main ERGs including networks for those with disabilities, LGBTQ+, veterans, women in supply chain, female leadership, young professionals and groups dedicated to enriching Hispanic/Latinx, Black, and Asian American communities and culture in the workplace.

Employee Resource Groups

Starting Employee Resource Groups

Every Employee Resource Group is different. In most cases, ERGs reflect groups that have historically been underrepresented within the corporate mainstream.

Providing items that show your organization's dedication to creating a workplace everyone feels they can flourish in. With special designs, colors and patterns to choose from, associates will feel encouraged and proud to represent their ERC and feel a deeper connection to your brand.

Check out some of our favorite suggestions for getting your ERG collections started.

Men's, Ladies' and Unisex T-shirts

Providing a T-shirt is a great way to establish membership and creates a sense of unity in any group. Our branded T-shirts for men, custom women's T-shirts and unisex T-shirts are all perfect for a casual Friday, company party and wearing around town to showcase their company pride.

Hats and Caps

Whether blocking the sun or keeping their ears warm, our branded hats and caps are a great way to accessorize any outfit. Perfect for company sports teams, outdoor events, fundraisers and so much more.


Keep the sun out of their eyes on their way to and from the office with branded sunglasses. Perfect for distributing at fundraisers, outdoor events and in any membership starter packs.

Water Bottles

Encourage hydration at the office with customized water bottles that display your organization's commitment to inclusion and diversity. For those who don’t sit at a desk all day, our collection offers a wide range of bottles perfect for active and relaxed work environments.

We’re here to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to use our live on-site chat feature, call 1.800.369.4670 or email to learn more.