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How Custom Client Gifts Can Help Show You Care

10/17/2023 branding_basics

What if we told you that you could increase customer loyalty, brand recognition, lead generation, and more through a custom client gift or two? Take a look at today’s post to learn more about the benefits of branded appreciation gifts and get a few ideas for what to give as gifts.

The 5 Benefits of Using Custom Branded Gifts for Client Appreciation

Customer Loyalty

It’s common knowledge that loyalty is earned, not given, and one of the ways you can earn loyalty from your clients is through thoughtful appreciation gifts. Custom client gifts can create a positive first impression for new clients and show gratitude to your existing ones, making them feel valued. Even the smallest gift can lead to long-term commitment, as clients prefer to stay with companies where they feel welcome and appreciated.

Brand Recognition

Custom client appreciation gifts typically feature your company logo, leading to increased brand recognition. Each time a client uses or sees the gift you’ve given, they're reminded of your genuine care for them, creating a positive association with your brand. Additionally, your brand is on display each time your client takes their gift on the go. This is why personalized water bottles, apparel, and office supplies are a few great gift ideas to customize, as they’re useful and will show off your brand logo in public settings.

Relationship Building

It’s no secret that strong client relationships contribute to continued brand loyalty, retention, and advocacy. Recent data shows that 83% of people who received a corporate gift in the last two years said it made them feel closer to the company who sent it. These gifts not only show your respect and gratitude for your client’s business, but can also build personal rapport with them as well, humanizing the business-client dynamic. As you get to know your client’s hobbies and interests outside of business settings, you can give them gifts that speak to their personal lives, such as golf swag, kitchen accessories, or travel gear.

Lead Generation

We’ve talked about client loyalty and retention as a benefit of custom gifting, but what about as a tool for attracting and obtaining new clients? Personalized client appreciation gifts leave a lasting impression on clients that encourages them to refer your services to others. This level of brand advocacy is invaluable, driving new leads for your business and building your core customer base. Additionally, this improves the quality of your clients, as your current clients will refer people they know and trust.

Tax Deductions

Lastly, client appreciation gifts go beyond goodwill, as they can also provide tax deductions for businesses. Custom client gifts can be classified as legitimate business expenses according to the IRS, provided they meet certain criteria. TurboTax states that the deduction limit is currently $25 per year, which is quite a bit depending on how big your client base is. Just be sure to keep detailed records and ensure the gifts adhere to IRS guidelines.

How to Choose the Perfect Client Appreciation Gift


Customized drinkware such as mugs, tumblers, and water bottles, make excellent client appreciation gifts. Choose high-quality materials like stainless steel so that clients have something to keep their drinks hot or cold for long periods of time, then add a personal touch with the client's name or your company logo. You can even personalize items from brands like Yeti or Camelbak.

Gift Baskets

There’s a reason that gift baskets are a go-to for client appreciation gifts. You can tailor each item to their industry or personal interests, including premium snacks, branded apparel, wines, office essentials, and more. Top it off with a handwritten thank-you note to make the experience even more genuine.


Whether you customize a business-casual polo, an everyday tee, or anything in between, branded apparel is always appreciated and used by clients. Consider the occasion the client might wear the apparel and choose a clothing item or accessory based on that. Then, customize the item with your company logo, a client’s initials, or a meaningful message. Quality materials ensure longevity, so be sure to explore options from brands like Nike, Adidas, The North Face, and more.

Reap the Benefits of Branded Client Gifts with Staples Promo

With so many benefits for your business, it’s hard to overlook custom client gifting as part of your customer attraction, appreciation, and retention strategy. When you’re ready to start shopping for clients, know that you can customize more than 2,500 items as client gifts with Staples Promo. Experience the benefits of custom gifting and start your order today.

Customized Gifts for Clients