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Personalized Executive Thank-You Gifts That Show You Care

11/07/2023 industry_insights

Have you been prioritizing appreciation in the workplace? If not, you may be missing out on added engagement, connection, and motivation from executives and employees alike.

Studies show that a simple "thank you" can go a long way, and according to the American Psychological Association, 93% of people who feel valued at work say they're to do their best work. On the contrary, almost half of employees say they'd leave a company that didn't praise or thank them for their work.

Attracting employees is already tough in today's job market, and finding talented executives or executive partners is even harder. The last thing you want your workforce to be composed of is unmotivated employees who are looking for a way out due to a lack of appreciation, so you need to ensure you're showing them that you care. One of the most personal ways you can do this is through custom executive thank-you gifts.

Why Give Executive Thank-You Gifts?

While there's nothing wrong with giving executives a handwritten thank-you note or a generic item, custom executive thank-you gifts take appreciation to a new level. Surveys state that 62% of U.S. consumers preferred personalized gifts to store-bought ones, showing the power of personalization when giving thank-you gifts. Even something as simple as adding initials, a job title, or a company logo to an item can show that you put a little more thought into the gift than average.

As for occasions, there are various reasons and occasions to give executive thank-you gifts. Promotions are the perfect opportunity to give a thank-you gift, celebrating an executive's hard work and dedication to the job. Milestone anniversaries or major project completions are other examples of occasions to thank employees and executives for their years of service and commitment. Lastly, the holidays are one of the most popular times for executive thank-you gifts, celebrating the close of the year and the season of giving.

Executive Thank You Gifts for Promotion

Plaques & Awards

Celebratory custom plaques and awards are ideal items to personalize for an executive's promotion. Although you may think they lack utility, they're a tangible way to commemorate a meaningful moment in an executive's career. The custom award or plaque can also note the details of their promotion and accomplishment, serving as motivation for executives to keep climbing.


You can only raise a toast to a promotion with custom glasses or another type of drinkware, which is why custom-engraved champagne glasses are a great promotional gift to give. Personalize the flutes with your logo, the executive's new job title, or a message of congratulations. Other drinkware you can personalize for promotion includes cocktail glasses, wine glasses, or tumblers.

Executive Thank You Gifts for Managers

Personalized Mugs

"World's Greatest Boss" is just one of the custom messages you can include on a personalized mug for your coffee-loving manager. Whether you decide to customize it with a company slogan, personal message, or witty one-liner, your manager will appreciate a thoughtful and unique gift they can use everyday, at home or at the office.

Health & Wellness Gifts

It's no secret that managers have a bit more on their plate than individual contributors. When they're feeling more stressed than usual, giving them a custom health or wellness gift can go a long way, showing you care about their personal and professional well-being. Yoga mats, oil diffusers, sound machines, stress balls, and more are all thoughtful thank-you gift ideas that fall under this category.

Executive Thank You Gifts for Holidays

Gift Sets

Did you know that more than half of gift baskets are given during the holiday season? They're easy to give, stress-free, and, yes, can be customized with your logo or other personal details! Premium snack baskets, wine and cocktail sets, movie night baskets, and wellness sets are all examples of pre-curated sets that are popular to give executives around the holiday season. Each of those individual items included in the basket or set can be personalized the way you'd like, leading to an all-in-one array of custom gifts.

Shop Personalized Executive Thank-You Gifts with Staples Promo

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