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Product Spotlight: Custom Golf Hats

12/12/2022 branding_basics

Hats are one of the many custom golf accessories you can personalize at Staples Promotional Products. And it’s a pretty prominent place to have your brand logo since people will notice someone’s hat right away since it’s right by their face.

Customized golf caps are very commonplace to see, whether you’re playing a round at your local course or watching your favorite PGA golfer on TV. And they also serve the functionality of also being worn beyond the course for those who just like wearing hats.

Why Do PGA Golfers Wear Hats?

  • Help prevent overheating
  • Protect from the sun
  • Reduce glare
  • Simpler to follow the ball

Golf hats can benefit all golfers in a couple of different ways, the first being to combat the sun. Not only will your skin be shielded from UV rays for 18 holes, but they can keep you cooler so golfing in the summer won’t be so hot.

In addition, personalized golf hats can actually help you play better. That’s because there’s not as much glare when your eyeline is covered by a brim for a more confident swing and the easier time you’ll have fully watching your shot as it descends to where you (hopefully) aimed for.

What Hats are Acceptable for Golf?

  • Ball caps
  • Visors
  • Sun & bucket hats
  • Beanies

Because of improved visibility, any hat style that has a brim can commonly be spotted out on the golf course. Whether it’s a logoed ball cap, visor, sun hat or bucket hat, having a trademark piece of headwear can make you look good and feel good.

For those golfers who like to play even when it’s cold outside, beanies are their headwear of choice. These winter hats help keep you warm with the random chilly winds that come with golfing when winter is soon approaching or just departing.

Customized Golf Caps

When people are asked to think of one company to associate with golf products, Titleist is typically the response. That’s because of how many golfers use the company’s balls, but custom Titleist hats are a great choice for companies looking to have their brand show up on the golf course.

Titleist® Tour Performance Staff Hat

One such product you see on the course is the Titleist Tour Performance staff hat. This cap is ideal if you want your brand to be seen alongside the Titleist logo on the front since your company logo will be placed on the right side of the product, which provides UV protection and a moisture-wicking sweatband to help recipients get through 18 holes.

Customized Golf Caps

Nike Golf® Unstructured Twill Hat

Staples Promotional Products also offers a number of custom Nike golf caps. One of our most popular choices is this Nike Golf unstructured twill hat, which places your brand’s logo front & center and the trademark Nike swoosh on the back side.

This 58% cotton/42% polyester twill hat gives golfers a glare-reducing contrast underbill to help them play their best. This Nike item is available in eight different colors to allow you to customize it to be best representative of your company.

Logo Golf Hats

Nike Golf Swoosh® Legacy 91 Hat

If your brand has a more retro feel, then the Nike Golf Swoosh® Legacy 91 hat is the ideal choice since it’s an update of their famed original cap design first seen in 1991. This moisture-wicking item is made of a combination of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

Another difference between the Legacy 91 cap and the unstructured twill hat above is the fact that the Nike Swoosh is located on the visor instead of the back. This product can be personalized through six color choices including three two-tone options that gives you a different color on the front & visor than the back.

Custom Logo Golf Hats

Nike Golf Dri-Fit® Swoosh Perforated Hat

The Nike Golf Dri-Fit® Swoosh perforated hat provides aspects of both caps we spoke about above since not only will your logo be placed on front, but the Nike Swoosh is placed on the visor and the back. This 100% polyester product will help manage moisture thanks to the perforated mid and back panels, making it ideal for golfing in the summer.

These personalized golf hats are just FORE of the items in our diverse lineup of promotional products you can personalize with your brand logo. Check out everything we have to offer by browsing our site!