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Product Spotlight: Custom Picnic Blankets

05/02/2023 #seasonal

Spring is here, the sun is shining, and picnic season is upon us. As people begin to have warm weather and outdoor fun on the brain, it’s an ideal time for businesses to start thinking about branded items that are perfect for outdoor outings.

Branded picnic blankets are the perfect product for your business to customize in preparation for spring and summer. Whether they’re headed to a park, sporting event, or outdoor concert, picnic-goers everywhere will be spreading out their blankets in public settings. When that blanket is branded with your logo, all it takes is a few people passing by to build brand awareness and generate new leads.

What Kind of Blanket is Best for Picnics?

We’ve all attended an expo or fair where we receive fun company freebies, just for those freebies to later end up unused in a junk drawer or closet. This is why purchasing high-quality promotional products is essential, as the quality determines how often your products will be used. Remember, the more often your logo picnic blanket is used, the more visibility your brand will receive, and the more positive, fun-filled memories can be associated with your brand.

When searching for the ideal picnic blanket, look for options that are:


Just like indoor blankets, picnic blankets should be soft and comfortable enough to sit on all day. Be sure to choose a blanket lined with plush fabric, such as 100% polyester fleece, to make sitting on rough or uneven ground as comfortable as possible. Additionally, fleece can provide a bit of extra warmth in those early spring months.


The last thing you want is a picnic blanket that is hard to carry or clean, or one that gets wet from dewy grass. To get the best use out of your blanket, make sure it has functional features like water-resistant backings, pockets, folding abilities, and carrying straps. This ensures that even the largest picnic blankets are portable and easy to use just about anywhere.


As with any outdoor product, you want your branded picnic blanket to be built to last. After all, the longer your customers use this, the more exposure your company gets. While 100% polyester fleece lines the front of the blanket, a more durable material should line the back. Our custom picnic blankets are complete with 100% water-resistant woven polyester, protecting it through rain or shine for several seasons.

What is the Average Size of a Picnic Blanket?

Most picnic blankets range from 40 x 50 inches to 60 x 80 inches, with the smaller size comfortably fitting one to two people. Blankets sized 60 x 80 or bigger will fit four to five people, making them an ideal size for families or large groups. One isn’t better than the other, and the right size for you really depends on your audience’s specific needs.

If you’re having a hard time picking a size, consider where you’ll be distributing your branded picnic blankets. If at a conference or expo, remember that people will be walking around with them all day, and a small to medium size could help with portability. On the other hand, maybe your company is hosting a family-focused work event, and a larger size could better serve attendees.

Personalized Picnic Blankets

Personalized Picnic Blankets

Once you’ve narrowed down your size and type, there are many creative ways to personalize your picnic blankets. Customizing a blanket that’s unique to your company is not only fun, but also sets your product apart and draws more attention to your brand. Some of the different ways you can customize your picnic blanket include:


Embroidery allows you to add personalized designs, text, or logos to a product using needle and thread. Don’t worry if you’re not skilled in sewing – all you have to do is upload your design, which will be transferred onto the fabric using a specialized machine that stitches the design onto the fabric. Embroidery can also withstand wear and tear, which is essential for an outdoor picnic blanket.


One of the easiest ways to catch the attention of consumers is to customize your picnic blanket with fun colors and patterns. These could be your company colors, which would create a consistent brand experience and help people easily identify your brand. However, you could also customize your picnic blanket colors based on holidays, seasons, or awareness months to keep your promotional products relevant and timely.

Shop Branded Picnic Blankets and More

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