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Elevating Customer Appreciation Gifts: High-Value for Lasting Impact

09/27/2023 branding_basics

An average of 4.4 million new businesses are started each year, giving clients and consumers plenty of choices when it comes to buying goods and services – almost too many choices. To stand out in today’s highly competitive market, your brand needs to find new ways to capture the attention of new clients and build loyalty with existing ones.

One proven strategy is customer appreciation and gifting, specifically high-value business gifts for clients. In this post, we’re explaining how giving high-value gifts can enhance brand loyalty, and will highlight a few expensive appreciation gift options that are easy to customize for your clients.

How can high-value customer gifts enhance brand loyalty?

Before we get into specific examples of gifts to give, let’s talk about why customer appreciation gifts are the perfect tool for building brand loyalty.

First, gifts are a tangible way to make your clients feel appreciated, which is a driving factor when it comes to customer loyalty. While a simple thank-you note could suffice, a gift of significant value shows you go above and beyond for your clients, communicating your strong commitment to them.

Second, expensive gifts not only foster a sense of gratitude, but also a sense of exclusivity. Clients love to feel special, and are more likely to continue doing business with a company that makes them feel like one in a million. Third, the right gift can take your client relationship beyond business settings, establishing a more personal and meaningful connection with your customers as well. The more connected you are with your clients, the less likely they are to leave you for a competitor.

Lastly, it’s important to note that high-value gifts don't end with the person receiving them. Satisfied, loyal clients are excited to share their positive experiences with friends, family, and their wider social circle, leading them to become an active advocate and eager endorser of your brand. They may even show off their gift in public settings, spreading brand awareness as they go. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable, resulting in new clients and business opportunities for your brand.

Elevating Customer Appreciation: High-Value Gifts for Lasting Impact

Wireless Headsets or Speakers

Tech gifts are a reliable go-to when it comes to high-value client appreciation gifts. A custom set of wireless headphones from Bose or Sony can be used in or out of the office, and show just how much you value quality and your clients. A Bluetooth speaker is another exciting choice that clients will love. Whichever item you choose, both options are built to last, and their impact is sure to as well.

High-End Drinkware

From self-heating mugs to luxury tumblers, personalized drinkware has become a popular high-value corporate gift. With a variety of colors and styles, there are plenty of ways to make each drinkware item personal and on-brand. Additionally, drinkware from brands like Yeti and CamelBak are built to withstand wear and tear for years, making it a long-lasting luxury gift.

What Are Some Unique Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas?

Luxury Gift Sets

Luxury gift sets, such as wine glass collections, cocktail kits, or curated snack assortments, are sure to be loved and appreciated by your customers. You can tailor the type of gift set to each client and their preferences, resulting in a unique, memorable, and personal appreciation gift. You can put together your own personalized gift basket, or pick from a selection of pre-curated gift sets to take some of the gift-giving stress off of your shoulders.

Leather Journals

Everyone needs something to take notes with at one point or another, and nothing says luxury like a well-bound, leather journal to take with you to meetings. You can customize the leather cover with your company logo, plus your client’s name or initials to make it a more personal gift, too.

Customize High-Value Business Gifts for Clients with Staples Promo

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