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How to Create a Memorable Employee Appreciation Day

08/17/2023 worklife

Employee Appreciation Day is officially celebrated on the first Friday of March each year, a day dedicated to companies recognizing the hard work and dedication of their employees. On this day, businesses typically take the opportunity to show their appreciation through thoughtful employee gifts, team activities and/or recognition events. However, acknowledging the efforts and contributions of colleagues shouldn’t be confined to a single day.

Every day is an opportunity for business leadership to celebrate the individual contributions, teamwork and dedication of the people who keep the company running. In fact, recent survey results state that 3 out of 4 employees would be more productive if they were recognized more frequently, so it might be best for you to host Employee Appreciation Day celebrations more than once per year. However many celebrations you decide on, here’s how you can make them memorable.

Celebrating Your Team: Unique Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Celebrating your team for Employee Appreciation Day allows colleagues to come together and acknowledge their hard work and accomplishments as a whole. Meaningful gestures such as personalized gifts, team-building activities, or team outings for the occasion can leave a lasting impression on employees, communicating your company values and culture. Here are a few of our favorite team-oriented appreciation gifts.

Matching Company Apparel

Nothing says team spirit like matching company apparel! Consider designing t-shirts, polo shirts, hats or hoodies with your company logo, team name and employee names as meaningful team appreciation gifts.

These personalized gifts can give team members a sense of belonging and promote team bonding, in addition to advertising your company wherever the apparel is worn. Plus, it gives employees a chance to wear these stylish items to the office with pride, showcasing their enthusiasm for their work and dedication to the organization.

Custom Team Trophies

Custom trophies can help members of your staff celebrate outstanding achievements and foster collaboration in the workplace. Each trophy can be engraved with the name of the team and the award such as "Top Sales Team," "Most Collaborative Team" or "Innovation Excellence." These trophies not only serve as a motivator and reminder of the team's success, but can also be proudly displayed in the office for other teams to admire.

Small Gesture, Big Impact: Unique Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas that Lift Workplace Morale

As they say, a little goes a long way. Not all recognition gifts need to be big, expensive or flashy – what matters most is that they’re meaningful and memorable when employees receive them on their special day. So if you’re looking for gifts with a big impact on a small budget, here are some suggestions.

Custom Notebooks & Planners

Custom notebooks and planners are a perfect balance between budget-friendliness and meaningful recognition. They are practical items that can be used every day in the workplace, as well as personalized with a motivational message. You can also choose from a variety of styles, including calendar planners, hardcover notebooks or spiral bound depending on your desired budget.

Custom Desk Accessories

Unique desk accessories provide employees with an appreciation gift they can admire at their desk, all day long. Desk plants with custom pots make a unique gift for the employee with a green thumb, bringing a bit of nature indoors. Additionally, customized desk organizers, nameplates and other desk decor can add a personal touch to employees' workstations, elevating their office space and creating a positive environment.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How Personalized Employee Appreciation Day Gifts Elevate Workplace Morale

Sometimes employees need a gift that’s extraordinary as the work they do everyday. For those extra special occasions, such as 20+ year work anniversaries or major promotions, you may want to go with a high-end gift that shows appreciation and rewards loyalty to the company.

Travel & Luggage

Gifting a trip to a top performing or long-time employee is the ultimate appreciation gift – now they just need the luggage to match! The right travel bag can last a lifetime, and customizing high-quality suitcases or duffles will leave employees with a gift they can use and appreciate forever. Plus, your company gets free advertising every time they travel if you add your logo to it.


Custom Bluetooth speakers or headphones are some of the most popular employee appreciation gifts. Since they’re typically a high-ticket item, these in-demand gifts show employees that their work is highly valued. Additionally, expensive items like electronics usually provide employees with some extra motivation.

It’s never been easier to give your employees a memorable appreciation gift. Make this year’s employee appreciation day one to remember when you personalize apparel, desk accessories, tech, trophies and more with Staples Promo.

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