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Unique and Personalized Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

08/14/2023 worklife

In our opinion, the era of generic employee appreciation gestures is coming to an end. In today's working world, employees crave personalization and meaningful recognition for their contributions. In other words, it’s time to say goodbye to simple gift cards and thank you notes as a form of recognition.

Instead, let’s start embracing the power of unique and personalized employee appreciation gifts. Investing in thoughtful gifts offers employees more than just material value; it fosters increased productivity and motivation among employees, resulting in enhanced company output, performance, and profitability.

Furthermore, these appreciation gifts create a positive and supportive office environment, where employees are eager and excited to step into the office every day. Continue reading to explore how these personalized gifts can elevate workplace morale, along with examples of recognition gifts you can customize with Staples Promo.

How Can Unique and Personalized Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas Elevate Workplace Morale?

Personal Recognition

There’s nothing better than the feeling of being recognized for your work, especially when you’re acknowledged with something more than a simple “great job”. Personalized employee appreciation gifts are tangible ways to show that your organization pays attention to and values each person’s individual contributions. It’s even more special when employees receive gifts tailored to their interests or hobbies, as they feel seen and appreciated on a personal level.

Increased Collaboration

In addition to individual recognition and morale, employee appreciation gifts also contribute to a positive team dynamic. When employees see their colleagues being rewarded with thoughtful gifts for their hard work, it creates a supportive and engaged work culture. Team members get excited to celebrate and learn from each other's achievements, elevating workplace morale and collaboration.

Inspiration & Motivation

If your employees are feeling rather uninspired, nothing provides motivation like the promise of a personalized gift. Even small appreciation gifts such as custom clothing can lead employees to complete tasks early, achieve sales goals or push projects to completion. Once employees are recognized for their performance, they’re more likely to maintain their high performance levels in hopes they’ll continue to be rewarded. Additionally, other employees take notice of those receiving recognition gifts, increasing overall motivation across the organization.

Creating a Culture of Appreciation: Unique Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas for Positive Workplace Morale

Personalized Plaques & Awards

Custom awards and plaques are a sure way to show employee appreciation. Whether you’re giving them out for work anniversaries, milestones, performance or meeting specific goals, they serve as a tangible reminder of how much their work is valued. When personalized with the employee's name and achievement, these awards create a sense of pride that can be put on display in or out of the office, and can also serve as motivation for their performance moving forward.

Health & Wellness Gifts

Work can be demanding, leading to stress, anxiety and burnout. One thoughtful way to recognize the hard work being put in by employees is giving them health and wellness related gifts. These gifts communicate your company values, showing you appreciate your employees’ contributions and prioritize their well-being. Whether it's a fitness watch, custom essential oil diffuser or another of our host of self care gifts, employees will appreciate you looking out for them and building supportive work culture.

Igniting Motivation: Unique and Personalized Gifts That Inspire Workplace Morale

Tech Gifts

If meeting your sales goal meant you had the chance to take home a brand-new Bluetooth speaker, you’d be extra motivated to meet your goal, right? This is why tech promotional items make for great employee appreciation gifts, especially if you’re looking for a gift that instills motivation. High-tech gifts are exciting, as everyone is interested in the latest and greatest headphones, power banks and speakers. And when these items can be customized with your name and company logo, it adds to the excitement even more.

Name-Brand Items

Custom name-brand items as appreciation gifts offer employees the opportunity to receive items from their favorite brands, personalized exclusively for them. You can customize items from all kinds of brands, including sweatshirts and hoodies from Nike, headphones from Skullcandy, Klean Kanteen water bottles and more. Employees are more likely to be motivated by high-end items from brands that are widely known, especially when it’s a one of a kind, name-brand gift that is completely unique to them.

With over 2,500 promotional items to choose from, it’s never been easier to find the perfect employee appreciation gift. Explore our collection of apparel, company merchandise and more and create your custom order today.

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