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Employee Health: Company Culture

03/21/2019 worklife health_wellness

Supporting employee health should be more than just encouraging healthy choices in the workplace.

We’ve written articles on employee health ranging from diet to exercise and everything in between. But what about employees’ general well-being, particularly in regard to your company? Providing a strong and positive company culture could be a part of your solution to get involved in this growing phenomenon of organizations advocating for their associates.

Besides the obvious benefit of seeing reduced costs in health benefits (pun intended), there are a number of studies that provide that healthy employees are more productive, performing better and reducing absenteeism and turnover.

Providing a strong company culture for your employees to partake in can make the workplace a much less stressful environment to be a part of. From onboarding to offboarding, you should make it known that you hear, understand and value company culture.

But, where do you start?

While it might sound counter-intuitive, implementing a work from home policy is one way to increase culture. By doing this, you’re saving your employees time and money, supporting lessened environmental impact and showing you trust them. Plus, there’s less chance they’ll bring any budding illnesses into the office, putting more people out of work.

You could even combine health initiatives by sponsoring recreational sports teams or wellness programs for your associates to compete in. This sure-fire technique builds rapport and allows employees who choose to participate to feel your engagement in taking on an active role supporting them. Cultivating employee relationships is an important part of building a strong company culture.

Finally, rewarding your associates for their hard work either can greatly grow company culture. Singling out employees who have exceeded expectations with branded gifts increases positive organizational feelings, but also providing perks the entire office can enjoy, like sponsored happy hours or free healthy snacks, can make your dedication and appreciation to your employees truly shine.

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