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What Are Some Innovative Ideas for Employee Holiday Gifts to Show Appreciation?

08/23/2023 seasonal

The holidays are also known as the season of giving – however, your gift-giving shouldn’t be limited to just family and friends. Your employees deserve to be recognized for their work and the contributions they made throughout the year with thoughtful employee holiday gifts too.

In fact, statistics show that 82% of employees think employers should give gifts around the holidays, with 75% of employees experiencing a boost in job satisfaction for 3 or more months after receiving the right holiday gift.

Wondering what the “right” holiday gift is? Don’t worry, we have a few employee holiday gift ideas up our sleeve.

Creative Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees Around the Holidays

Hobby-Based Gifts

The best appreciation gifts are personalized to the person receiving them, which is why hobby-based gifts can be great for holiday gifting. Personalizing gifts such as gardening tools, golf accessories or cooking gadgets show that you pay attention to your employees' interests beyond the office, and can build connections with employees on a personal level.

Additionally, these personal gifts can communicate that your company values a strong work-life balance, encouraging employees to pursue their passions outside of the office.

Holiday Gift Baskets

Putting together gift baskets for employees is a popular way to celebrate the holidays and end of the year. One option is to design items like blankets, fuzzy socks, custom mugs and chocolates with your company logo, then bundle them into a gift basket for the ultimate cozy Christmas gift.

Alternatively, filling baskets with personalized notebooks, custom pens and office supplies can show appreciation for their work while setting them up for a successful new year. The holiday gift basket customization options are endless, giving you the flexibility to pick and personalize items that will resonate with your company and employees.

Show Your Gratitude: Innovative Employee Holiday Gifts for Business Travelers

Personalized Luggage

If your employees often travel for business, personalized luggage is an ideal holiday appreciation gift tailored to their jet-set lifestyle. Suitcases serve as a high-end, practical gift that business travelers will use and appreciate on their travels in the new year.

Additionally, luggage is the perfect gift to give for companies in the travel industry, such as airlines, hotel chains or travel agents. If you want to add even more of a personal touch, you can also customize a luggage tag with the employee's initials and your company logo.

Backpacks & Duffels

Another appreciation gift idea for business travelers is a custom backpack or duffel bag. These bags are suited for both road trips and air travel, catering to commuters as well as those who are often on the road for trade shows and expos.

You can also gift employees with a complete luggage set by pairing a suitcase with a duffel or backpack, customizing it with your company logos and colors for brand recognition during business travel. And while a travel set can be a more expensive gift, it shows your company’s appreciation for employees who spend time away from their families and personal life while traveling on business trips.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Memorable Employee Holiday Appreciation

Personalized Holiday Sweaters

Festive and oh-so fun, custom “ugly” Christmas sweaters make for a lighthearted corporate holiday appreciation gift. Whether they’re worn at company holiday parties or for family gatherings at home, they serve as a reminder of the positive and fun work culture at your company has fostered.

Additionally, these sweaters become unique keepsakes employees will remember forever, and make for a memorable team photo op. And if you’re wanting to customize sweaters or jackets that aren’t too “ugly”, you can customize those too.

Branded Winter Hats

Custom beanies are a holiday essential to personalize as employee appreciation gifts, especially for staff members who work outside or experience harsh winters. These practical accessories can be personalized with holiday colors and quotes along with your logo, adding a bit of holiday cheer to your company apparel or employee uniforms.

They're also a stylish addition for ski trips or winter getaways, boosting brand awareness when employees wear them out and about. Beyond hats, you can also customize gloves, scarves and other winter accessories as a company apparel holiday gift set.

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