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High-End Custom Logo Gifts: The Perfect Way to Show Your Appreciation for Executives

11/07/2023 branding_basics

Invitations? Check. Venue? Check. But wait – before you finalize your party planning, know that no executive appreciation event is complete without a gift or two for attendees to take home. In today’s post, we’re explaining why custom logo gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation for executives, the benefits they have for your brand, and how you can showcase some at your next appreciation event.

Using Custom Logo Gifts to Boost Brand Awareness and Recognition

Beyond appreciation, custom logo gifts offer a multitude of opportunities to boost brand awareness and recognition. Research shows that a brand’s logo is the most recognizable brand identifier, with 75% of people recognizing a brand by its logo.

Now imagine if you put that logo on a promotional item or gift – recognition and awareness would skyrocket, which is why custom logo gifts are such a valuable marketing tool. As these gifts are used in public places, your logo is bound to be exposed to new audiences, generating interest and awareness for your company.

What are the benefits of using custom logo gifts at executive appreciation events?

Practical party favors

Appreciation events require supplies such as glassware, name tags, snacks, and even apparel depending on the type of event you’re hosting. Since you need these items anyway, why not turn those event essentials into exciting party favors that attendees can keep? For example, if you’re hosting an executive appreciation dinner, engrave custom wine glasses that attendees can use throughout the dinner and then take home with them. That way you only have to worry about purchasing one practical item that serves two purposes, instead of supplying both glassware and gifts for the event.

Memories of the event

Appreciation events are about more than a fun time – they’re about providing executives with a meaningful and memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression. This strengthens your professional relationship with them. This is why custom logo gifts accompany appreciation events well, as they’re a tangible item for executives to remember the event by. Every time they go to use or look at the executive gift they received, they’ll be reminded of their time at the event, along with the effort and generosity you showed them.

Extra executive appreciation

Last but not least, it never hurts to give executives an extra token of appreciation. Putting on an entire event dedicated to them is more than enough, but giving them both an experience and a experience and an custom gift basket, That shows you go above and beyond when it comes to appreciation, communicating your values as a person or a company.

How do I showcase custom logo gifts at an executive appreciation event?

Food & Beverage

If you’re hosting a happy hour or dinner for your executive appreciation event, you can easily showcase custom logo gifts via food & beverages. As mentioned, engraving drinkware for each executive in attendance is one option. This can include wine glasses, cocktail glasses, or even stainless-steel tumblers. As for food, you can also print your logo on sweet treats like sugar cookies or packs of candies for executives to enjoy.

Office Essentials

Workplace appreciation events provide an opportunity for you to customize office essentials like personalized pens, notebooks, calendars, and desk accessories. You can take these items from average to sophisticated by ordering office gifts made with modern materials, such as smooth leather journals, hardcover notebooks, or high-quality pens, making them the perfect practical appreciation gift for executives.

Awards & Trophies

Leader of the week? Executive of the year? Whatever title you choose to honor and appreciate your executives with, they should receive something special to remember them by. Custom awards and trophies are the ideal way to do this at events, not to mention make for great desk decor in an executive’s office. Engraved glass towers and shiny gold plaques are just a couple of the types of recognition items we can help you customize at Staples Promo.

Accessories & Apparel

Executives can take pride in their company and show off your brand logo when you give them custom accessories and apparel to wear as an appreciation gift. The best part Custom apparel comes in a variety of styles, allowing you to tailor your gift to the type of appreciation event you’re hosting. Personalized polos are great for golf outings or business casual settings, while custom tie bars or cuff links work well for more formal appreciation events. And if you’re looking to take it up a notch, try customizing clothing from top retail brands like Nike or Adidas.

Make Executive Appreciation Events Memorable with Custom Logo Gifts from Staples Promo

Have an executive appreciation event coming up? Staples Promo has more than 2,500 items you can customize for a variety of appreciation events, from golf outings to galas. Place your order today to ensure your most memorable executive appreciation event yet.

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