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Top 10 Trendy Custom Logo Gift Ideas for Executives

11/07/2023 worklife

Are you tired of the same old, boring corporate gifts? Us too – and honestly, so are the executives you’re giving them to. If you’re ready to shake things up with something more unique, we’ve put together our list of the top 10 trendy gifts you can give and different ways to customize them.

Tips for Personalizing Your Custom Logo Gifts

Home in on Hobbies

Tailoring your gifts to the interests and hobbies of executives can make all the difference. If you have a good relationship with the executive, try customizing items that go along with things you know they enjoy, whether sports, outdoor activities, or another hobby. Consider customizing executive gifts for her based on their role or industry if you aren't as close to them.

Perfect Your Packaging

While the actual gift is the most important aspect, there’s something to be said about the presentation of a gift. Consider personalizing wrapping paper with your company logo or putting together a nicely packaged gift basket complete with a bow.

Always Add a Note

Last but not least, don’t forget a personalized note! A handwritten card showcasing your gratitude and appreciation makes any gift ten times better and shows your genuine care for the executive.

10 Trendy Gifts That Are Sure to Please Even the Pickiest Recipients

Yoga Mats

If there’s one trend that’s here to stay, it’s all things health and wellness. Gifting yoga mats is one way to tap into this trend, as they promote mindfulness, a healthy lifestyle, and general wellbeing. Additionally, giving custom yoga mats as a gift aligns your brand with positivity and self-care.

Pet Accessories

These days, pets are considered members of the family for many people, making pet accessories the perfect personal gift. Giving toys, bowls, treats, and accessories for dogs and cats shows that you remember small details about executives and their personal lives, further building your relationship with them.

Wireless Earbuds

Modern tech accessories are always trendy, which is why wireless earbuds or headphones will be a hit with executives. They’re not only trendy but functional and practical for busy executives who need to take calls or meetings on the go. Consider customizing wireless earbuds or headphones from high-end brands like Sony or Skullcandy for a more premium gift.

Oil Diffusers

Essential oils have become popular in recent years, used to promote wellness and relaxation via aromatherapy practices. During a busy day, gifts for female executives can take a few minutes to unwind with the customized essential oil diffuser set you gave them. Each time they use it, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness and care for their wellbeing.

Custom Tumblers

Forget hydration mechanism: custom tumblers now considered a modern style accessory. They routinely sell out at stores, with people even going as far as collecting different colors. Personalize one as a gift for an executive as the ultimate trendy yet practical gift, complete with your company logo and colors.

Golf Gear

Although golf may seem niche, it’s one of the most widely played sports in the U.S. Executives are bound to attend a golf outing or two throughout the year, so why not treat them to custom golf promotional items they can use on the greens? Tees, towels, balls, and markers are easy to personalize as gifts, or you could go big with items like golf bags or clubs.

Branded Apparel

Shirts, jackets, and accessories from Nike, Adidas, The North Face, and other top retail brands make excellent gifts for executives. These brands are modern and trendy, taking average apparel up a notch to meet the high-end tastes of executives. Additionally, the quality of these clothing items is better, resulting in a long-lasting, branded gift.

Sound Machines

A sound machine is another item that goes along with the health and wellness trend, allowing executives to relax or concentrate at the office or home. Simply plug in the sound machine and choose from an array of sounds, from falling rain to plain white noise. They’ll be grateful you gave them a gift that promotes both productivity and wellness.

Desk Vacuums

This may seem like an odd one, but portable desk vacuums have, in fact become a popular item to personalize and gift! Executives are prone to snacking or eating meals at their desks due to their busy schedules, so having a tool to keep their workspace neat and clean will be appreciated.

Travel Accessories

Executives are likely to travel for business more often than not, and gifting them with high-quality, convenient travel accessories can help them stay organized and connected on the go. Custom garments or shoe bags are great options for protecting their business attire for meetings and conferences. You could also personalize luggage tags, travel kits, or self-care essentials for them to use on their journey.

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