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Building Relationships: The Power of Branded Executive Gifts in Corporate Gifting Strategies

11/07/2023 worklife

Did you know gifts for executives are more than kind gestures? When customized right, they’re a powerful marketing tool that can strengthen corporate relationships, communicate company values, and build brand awareness. In today’s post, we’re taking a deeper look at some of these benefits. We're giving you a few branded executive gift ideas and ultimately showing you why they should be an essential piece of your corporate gifting strategy.

The Importance of Branded Executive Gifts in Strengthening Corporate Relationships

Think about some of the best gifts you received from loved ones and why you consider them the greatest. If we had to guess, it’s because the gift was personal, meaningful, and showed how much the giver knew you. Corporate gifting should be no different, instilling those same feelings in executives to further strengthen your relationship with them. Plus, this personal approach to gifting is successful in business settings. Research shows that over 80% of people said gifts improved relationships with employees or clients, and 48% of that group said gifting delivered a substantial benefit.

Why are Branded Executive Gifts Important for Corporate Gifting?

Brand Awareness

Nearly 68% of businesses say that brand awareness is their primary goal when giving corporate gifts, with over 83% of senior managers believing they significantly impact business success. This is because branded gifts have the power to build brand awareness not only with the recipient but with whoever interacts with or sees the branded item. As an example, a custom logo water bottle can be brought to the gym, the office, or the airport, catching the eye of passing people at these places.

Brand Reputation

Similar to brand awareness, branded executive gifts can also build your brand reputation, especially if you give gifts to executives outside your company. Whether your gift serves as a simple thank-you or an annual holiday gift, executives are more inclined to continue business with a company that makes them feel valued and appreciated. Furthermore, they’re likely to tell their network about their positive experience with your company, improving your brand reputation, network, and the chance of referrals as well.

Branded Executive Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday Gift Baskets

Sending executives, a custom holiday gift basket is sure to make their day. While there are a variety of premade gift baskets you can customize and choose from, a holiday-themed basket could include frosted sugar cookies, a bag of hot chocolate mix, a mug, and a pair of fuzzy socks.

Branded Blankets

Speaking of fuzzy, custom blankets are a perfect cozy holiday gift for executives. Embroider your logo on a soft Sherpa blanket or a printed knit blanket for executives to enjoy Christmas movies on the couch with their loved ones at home. An alternative option is to customize a weighted blanket, encouraging health and wellness.

Custom Candles

Add a bit of ambiance and warmth to an executive’s workspace with custom-branded candles. These can be holiday-themed, with winter scents like peppermint, evergreen, or gingerbread. You could also opt for standard scents or aromatherapy scents to help executives relax and de-stress after a busy workday.

Branded Drinkware

Whether it’s an insulated water bottle or a set of stemless wine glasses, personalized drinkware makes for an excellent executive gift for men. Drinkware is a broad category, allowing you to pick an item that best suits the executive’s preferences and lifestyle. A branded mug may be great for a coffee-loving executive, while a whiskey glasses set would be best for a cocktail connoisseur. When in doubt, a branded water bottle or tumbler is the way to go.

Custom Stationary

Office essentials and stationery are everyday business items that executives need to use, so why not give them as gifts? Custom notebooks, journals, and portfolios are suitable for notetaking, to-do lists, brainstorming, and personal journaling. Executives will also need something to write with, such as a custom fountain pen or other writing tool. Bundle all this together in a set, and you have an ideal executive gift.

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