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What Do You Put in Gift Baskets for Clients?

10/17/2023 branding_basics

Whether you're showing appreciation, celebrating milestones, or sending warm wishes, giving clients a personalized gift basket can go a long way when it comes to client loyalty and retention. In today’s post, we're sharing everything you need to know about creating memorable gift baskets that leave a lasting impression.

How Do You Put Together a Professional Gift Basket?

Putting together a professional gift basket can be done in two ways: By purchasing a pre-tailored basket, or by crafting your own. Opting for a pre-made gift basket or set is a convenient option, as you only need to browse and choose from a range of options that suit your client's preferences and the occasion. It's a truly stress-free choice that guarantees a well-assembled gift, perfect for last-minute or time-sensitive gifting.

Alternatively, curating your own gift basket allows you to get creative and give clients a more personalized touch. Start by selecting a theme that resonates with your client, whether that’s a wellness-themed basket or a gourmet-themed basket. Or, maybe your client loves movies, and you put together a movie night-themed gift basket – you can make the theme as highly personal as you’d like.

Once you've chosen your theme, start shopping for items that go along with the theme – and don’t forget the basket itself! After you have your items, arrange them nicely in the basket then use wrapping paper or plastic wrap to secure everything in place. Lastly, add a name tag or note card as a final touch, and deliver your gift basket to your client either in person or via a delivery service.

What Do You Put in Gift Baskets for Clients?

As mentioned, curating the perfect gift basket for clients involves the thoughtful selection of items that speak to their interests or follow a theme. Additionally, your basket should reflect your appreciation, showcase the value of your partnership, and leave a lasting positive impression. You should always start with a personalized touch, like a handwritten thank-you card expressing your gratitude for their partnership this year. While this gesture may seem small, it truly adds to the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Next, you’ll want to customize high-quality, branded items based on your theme or client interests. One idea we mentioned above was a wellness basket – if you went this route, you could add items like scented candles, essential oils, or a plush blanket that can provide relaxation and comfort. And for a gourmet gift basket, you could consider adding gourmet treats such as artisanal chocolates, premium coffee, or a selection of fine wines. Whatever theme you go with, make sure each curated item is customized with your logo for brand awareness and recognition while gifting.

Corporate Gift Basket Ideas for Clients

In addition to the wellness baskets and gourmet gift baskets mentioned above, here are a few other corporate gift basket ideas to get you started on building your own.

Wine, Beer, & Cocktail Gift Baskets

These boozy gift baskets can be as sophisticated or as casual as you’d like. A casual beer gift basket could be filled with local craft beers and a pair of pint glasses, while a luxury wine one could feature stemless glasses and quality wines from around the world. Additionally, you could gift a cocktail basket complete with custom rocks glasses, spirits, syrups, and a cocktail recipe book.

Golf Gift Baskets

Golf gift baskets cater to avid golfers, offering an exciting assortment of golf-related items. They can include premium golf balls, tees, gloves, custom polo shirts, and more, all of which feature your company logo. These are also ideal gift baskets to give away as prizes or swag bags at a company golf outing.

Tech Gift Baskets

Tech gift baskets are a modern and practical option, featuring high-quality gadgets like wireless earbuds, portable chargers, sleek phone stands, and smart home accessories. These thoughtfully curated baskets cater to the tech-savvy, or serve as simply convenient gifts to use at home or at the office.

Office Essentials Gift Basket

An office essentials gift basket is a safe option for clients you may not know well, or ones that are new. These may include high-quality stationery, such as personalized notebooks and premium pens, desk accessories and organizers, or a personalized paperweight or plaque. These items enhance productivity, are practical, and add a touch of personalization to the workspace.

Movie Night Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? These baskets offer a cozy and entertaining experience, featuring streaming service gift cards along with gourmet popcorn, assorted snacks, sweet treats or candy, and a selection of beverages. You could even include comfy blankets to curl up with as part of the basket, too!

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