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Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Clients: Making a Big Impression on a Small Budget

09/27/2023 branding_basics

We get it, budgets can be tight – but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your client appreciation efforts. A recent survey showed that 91% of respondents are more likely to do business with companies that appreciate their customers, showing just how important client appreciation is. Even a simple, inexpensive gift of gratitude can take your client relationship a long way, which is why we’ve rounded up our top budget-friendly client thank you gifts to customize.

Creative and Affordable: Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Client Appreciation

Client Appreciation Gifts Under $10

Tumblers & Water Bottles

Reusable tumblers and water bottles are affordable and sustainable client appreciation gifts. They can hold hot or cold beverages, keep your clients hydrated and refreshed wherever they go. Available in plastic, stainless steel, and other materials, they can be personalized with client information, along with your brand logo and colors.

Branded Umbrellas

A little bit of rain isn’t enough to stop an important client meeting, so be sure to keep your clients dry with branded umbrellas they can use between their meetings. Custom umbrellas are an unsung essential that most people don’t realize they need until they're stuck in the rain, and your company can save the day with this thoughtful gift. For clients in warmer or drier climates, you can even customize beach umbrellas as an appreciation gift.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are the perfect blend of style and functionality, making them a great client appreciation gift. From groceries and gym gear to laptops and paperwork, custom totes can carry all of a client’s daily essentials effortlessly. When personalized with your company logo, they can drive brand recognition and awareness wherever a client carries them. Plus, there’s always an opportunity to embroider the bag with a monogram or client initials.

Client Appreciation Gifts Under $5


Hats are a fun accessory and appreciation gift that can be worn in both business and casual settings. You can choose from beanies, classic caps, and bucket hats depending on the desired style and occasion, not to mention the variety of colors and customization options available. Caps could be great to gift clients at a golf outing, while beanies are ideal for winter weather or skiing.


Notebooks are essential for client meetings as well as day-to-day notetaking, so why not personalize them as a practical appreciation gift? They come in a variety of sizes and binding options, including spiral bound and hardcover. For a touch of luxury, you could even choose to customize a leather journal or padfolio as a gift. Plus, clients can also use them outside of the office for personal journaling, creative writing, and other activities.


Saying “thank you” with a mug may seem like a simple appreciation gift, but can actually be very meaningful when personalized right. Mugs have ample room for designs, logos, and text, meaning you can customize it in a variety of ways. In addition to your logo, think about a thoughtful saying you could add to the cup. This could be a straightforward “Thank you”, a sentence along the lines of “We appreciate your business”, or something humorous such as “Best Client Ever”. This thoughtful gesture makes for a more meaningful gift and thoughtful keepsake.

Client Appreciation Gifts Under $2


Essential for jotting down notes in meetings, signing important documents, or sketching out ideas, custom pens perfectly integrate into your client’s day-to-day activities. They have just enough room for your logo and a thank you message, and come in a variety of styles and ink colors. Pens are also perfect to pair with personalized notebooks, providing clients with a complete set to write with – a gift your clients are sure to feel appreciated by.


Stylish and protective, branded branded sunglasses are inexpensive appreciation gifts to give. They pair well with other company merchandise and swag, which you can bundle up into a goodie bag as a thank you gift. Additionally, if you’re hosting an outdoor client appreciation event, they’re the perfect gift to pair with the experience.

Drawstring Bags

Lastly, drawstring bags are a cheaper appreciation gift alternative to tote bags, ideal for gym gear, daily essentials, or quick outings. If you want to take your appreciation gesture a step further, try filling these bags with candies, swag, or small essentials, creating a well-rounded appreciation gift.

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Gift Ideas for Clients Inexpensive