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How to Impress with Gift Ideas for VIP Clients

09/27/2023 worklife

While all clients deserve appreciation, it’s no secret that some are more important than others. Maybe it’s because they send referrals your way, have been loyal to your business for many years, or prioritize their partnership with your company over others. Whatever the case may be, you want to be sure you go above and beyond for those VIP clients to keep their loyalty for years to come.

While a thank you letter to the client is always appreciated, we all know gifts are the true way to a VIP client’s heart. So as you begin brainstorming special gifts for your special clients, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Gifts That Showcase Appreciation for VIP Clients

Custom Gift Sets

Personalized gift sets are high quality yet low effort, providing you with an easy gift-giving experience. They come prepackaged for low-stress gifting, and with so many different types of gift sets to choose from, you’re sure to find one that is perfectly personalized for your client.

Custom cocktail gift sets, premium snack sets, and health and wellness sets are just a few examples of the different pre-tailored types you’re able to order; alternatively, you can craft your own gift basket by individually customizing items like apparel, drinkware, or accessories and wrapping them up yourself.

Premium Backpack

Personalized premium backpacks from brands like Samsonite, Basecamp, or High Sierra are stylish, high-value, and practical high-end clients gifts. Crafted from top-tier materials, these backpacks are long-lasting with a sleek look, and practical features like laptop sleeves, water-resistant materials, and breathable padding for maximum comfort. After you further personalize the bag by embroidering your client's initials and your company logo, this gift will easily become a daily essential for your client’s commutes and travels.

Memorable Experiences as Gift Ideas for VIP Clients

Sporting Event

Providing clients with an experience instead of tangible gifts can make for a unique and memorable appreciation gift. One example of this is hosting your clients at an all-inclusive sporting event. Secure a private box at a professional basketball game, baseball game, or other sport of your choice where VIP clients can enjoy VIP seating, along with complimentary food and beverages.

This kind of experience allows your clients to get to know you outside of the office and also gives them the chance to network with other clients of yours. Additionally, you can elevate the experience further by customizing swag, such as water bottles, tumblers, custom hats, or shirts, to remember the occasion and leave a lasting impression.

Client Appreciation Dinner

Treating your VIP clients to a special dinner is a classic gesture of appreciation, especially around the holidays. As the year comes to a close, it's a perfect time to express gratitude for their work and partnership throughout the year. Additionally, these dinners not only show appreciation but strengthen your personal and professional relationships in a setting outside of the office.

Whether it's an intimate one-on-one dinner or a group gathering at a restaurant with all your valued clients, you’re sure to impress them with a night of fine dining and good company. If you do decide to host a group dinner, consider curating a gift bag for each client, filled with personalized items that clients can take home with them.

Holiday Appreciation Gift Ideas for VIP Clients

Luxury Blanket

Personalized blankets are ideal for VIP gifting around the holidays. Unlike your average blanket, premium blankets are crafted from the finest materials that clients will notice from the very first touch.Another unique option is a personalized weighted blanket, designed with wellness in mind. Made to reduce anxiety, a weighted blanket might be the best option to help clients focus on self-care and de-stressing at the end of the year.

High-End Jackets or Outerwear

For an extra luxe holiday gift, consider customizing high-end jackets or outerwear. Ideal for VIP clients in cold climates or facing harsh winters, these jackets offer the best protection against the winter weather while remaining stylish, and even give off a sense of luxury.

Top outerwear brands like The North Face, Roots, Carhartt, and Spyder are known for using the highest quality materials, and clients are sure to notice your investment in premium gifts for clients as soon as they spot the logo. In addition to the retail brand’s logo, you can add your own logo to the jacket, vest, or coat so your clients think of you each time they put it on.

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