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Gifts for Your Executive Team That Will Help Them Relax and De-Stress

11/07/2023 branding_basics

80% of workers experience stress on the job, and that includes executives. In fact, executives are more prone to feeling the effects of stress, both mentally and physically. If you’re looking for a gift that meets executives where they are and eases the stress of their day-to-day, then you should consider giving wellness-inspired gifts to your executive team.

Why Are Wellness Gifts Good for Executives?

When brainstorming gift ideas for executives, some categories that typically come to mind are tech gear or office accessories, while wellness items are often an afterthought. However, a study from Mayo Clinic shows just how important it is for executives to prioritize their health, which means wellness gifts could become essential to your corporate gifting strategy.

According to the study, executives average just 6.7 hours of sleep per night and 11.6 work hours per day – that’s 24% less sleep and 23% more hours worked than the average employee. As a result of this, along with their busy schedules and often sedentary lifestyles, executives are proven to be at a greater risk for sleep deprivation, heart disease, depression, strokes, and even diabetes. Additionally, on top of the physical health risks listed, nearly half of CEOs report struggling with a mental health condition.

Knowing these statistics makes giving health and wellness gifts more relevant and impactful than ever. Executives can use these items to de-stress and relax, all while being reminded of their thoughtfulness and care for their well-being.

Executive Gifts for Physical Wellness

Water Bottles

Custom water bottles are the perfect gift for promoting physical wellness. Not only do they encourage everyday hydration, but nudge executives to add some physical activity to their busy schedules. You can personalize plastic water bottles or insulated stainless steel ones depending on your budget. You can even customize ones from high-quality brands like Kleen Kanteen, Corkcicle, Basecamp, and more.

Yoga Mats

Amid the chaos of a busy workday, sometimes executives need to take a few moments to breathe in and breathe out. Regular practice of yoga and breathing exercises is proven to create mental clarity and calmness, as well as relieve stress. A portable yoga mat can help executives take a breather when they need it most, whether that’s in between meetings at the office or at the end of the day from the comfort of their home.

Fitness Trackers

Custom fitness trackers can be considered both a wellness gift and a modern tech accessory, making them an ideal gift for executives. Executives can track their steps, heart rate, and more, all from their wrists, allowing for convenient health monitoring on the go. Additionally, there are plenty of options for customizations – you can align the band of the tracker with your company colors, as well as add the initials of the executive.

Executive Gifts for Mental Wellness


One of the easiest ways to prioritize your mental health each day is by practicing journaling. Journaling is not just proven to reduce stress and anxiety but can also contribute to achieving goals, strengthening memory, and boosting self-confidence. But first, executives need a journal to write in. This is why custom leather journals are great executive gifts, as the leather cover adds a touch of sophistication.

Oil Diffusers

Did you know essential oil diffusers do more than simply relieve stress? They can also boost your mood and energy levels, as well as improve focus and motivation, making them a thoughtful executive gift. Giving an oil diffuser encourages productivity while also adding an element of wellness and relaxation to their workspace. Plus, the diffuser has a double purpose: enhancing the smell and atmosphere of the office as well.

Sound Machines

As mentioned earlier in this post, many executives struggle to get a healthy amount of sleep each night. Sound machines can help improve the quality and quantity of sleep, drowning out loud noise to create a peaceful and restful environment. In addition to sleep features, many noise machines also feature soothing sounds like waves or rain, which can help with stress and focus during the day too. You can give executives a custom logo sound machine as a solo gift, or bundle it with a journal and oil diffuser to give as a wellness gift basket.

Customize Wellness Gifts for Executives with Staples Promo

Custom wellness gifts make for happier and healthier executives. Staples Promo has an entire collection of health and wellness-focused items, along with 2,500 other products to customize with your company logo. Make both physical and mental wellness gifts a pillar of your corporate gifting strategy when you start your order today.

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