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Golf Swag Bag Ideas

05/31/2023 seasonal

Did you know that 25.6 million Americans played golf on a golf course as of 2022? That’s about 8% of the total U.S. population! And odds are, a percentage of those players are your very own customers.

Whether you’re playing for business or pleasure, personalizing a golf swag bag could be the key to winning new customers, pleasing existing ones and increasing brand awareness on & off the golf course.

What Do You Put in a Golf Swag Bag?

A golf swag bag is a free gift filled with golf equipment that you pass out to prospective or current customers at corporate events, expos, or outings. They’re particularly perfect for giving away at company golf outings, which are common in the spring and summer months. In addition to the bag itself, the swag should consist of tees, towels, and other golf equipment for recipients to use on the course.

Additionally, the bag can include branded items like water bottles or hats, which can be worn and used anywhere. If you need some ideas on how to stuff your swag bag, here are a few of our favorite promotional items to include.

Golf Tees

Golf tees are one of the easiest and most affordable items to personalize, as they’re small, easily carried in a golfer's pocket, come in different sizes & are typically made of wood or plastic. They’re also essential to the game, providing a stable and elevated platform to tee up the ball.

While a tee may seem like a small logo placement, they’re often accidentally left in golf carts, on the course and in the tee box for anyone to find. This means another player could pick it up and take note of your logo, further spreading the word about your company on the course.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are one of the most popular promotional items to distribute to golfers – after all, you can’t play the game without a ball! Custom golf balls from reputable brands such as Titleist, Callaway & TaylorMade will be appreciated by seasoned golfers, as these brands often make balls that feature enhanced dimple patterns or specialized core designs to optimize performance. And much like tees, it’s common for lost balls to be picked up by other golfers, which further spreads brand awareness.

Golf Water Bottles or Tumblers

If you’re golfing in a warm climate or in the peak of summer, staying hydrated on the course is essential. A game of 18 holes can take anywhere from 4-6 hours, which means you need a water bottle or tumbler that keeps your water cold for long periods of time.

Adding a golf water bottle of tumbler to your golf swag bag promotes hydration and safety on the course, as well as your company. Plus, custom water bottles can be used outside of playing golf, leading to more exposure of your logo.

Golf Hats

Branded golf hats are both stylish and functional, offering comfort and shade during a sunny day on the golf course. While a baseball cap is the most popular choice to wear while playing, golf hats come in a variety of other styles as well, such as visors or bucket hats.

In addition to their style and functionality, golf hats also offer a large surface area for placing your logo; you can keep it front and center, or get it printed on the side or back of the hat. And just like water bottles, these branded caps can be worn just about anywhere.

Golf Towels

Golf towels are used to clean clubs & balls on the course and are often clipped to the side of a player’s golf bag for everyone to see. This makes them the perfect promotional item, as your logo will be clearly displayed for everyone to see. Most of these custom towels are also machine washable, so recipients can use them over and over again.

Golf Ball Markers

Once everyone’s ball makes it to the green, it’s common courtesy to let the golfer furthest from the hole putt their ball first; however, other players’ golf balls may be in the way of the shot. To avoid a collision on the green, golfers use golf ball markers to mark their spot. They’re typically made of plastic or metal and can be easily customized with your logo for everyone to see.

Don’t Forget About the Swag Bag Itself!

Many opt to personalize a more affordable and multifunctional option such as a custom tote bag or drawstring bag even if they don’t put any other personalized items inside. Players can easily carry these with them on or off the course, or around an event or expo if that’s where you’re distributing them.

Get Golf Tournament Swag Bag Items with Your Brand Logo

Surprising clients or customers with a personalized golf swag bag is sure to build loyalty and boost brand awareness. Start building your own swag bag today when you shop our customizable collection of golf items.

Golf Swag Bag Ideas