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Half Zip vs Quarter Zip: Custom Outerwear Comparison

02/01/2023 branding_basics

One of the more stylish options to keep people warm during cooler weather or even when the AC is really high in the office is the pullover. The name is derived from the fact that you have to pull the jacket over your head in order to put it in, similar to a sweater or jumper.

There are certain pullover styles that are more popular than others including the quarter zip and the half zip. The question you might have upon seeing these pieces of apparel is: what’s the difference between a half zip and a quarter zip?

Both are popular items that our customers personalize with their brand logo or messaging on the Staples Promotional Products site. Both provide a clean & professional look that meet their marketing needs. Both are great for layering with other shirts. With that said, let’s explain what distinguishes one from the other.

Quarter Zip vs Half Zip

Difference Between Quarter Zip and Half Zip

This can be a bit confusing because the quarter zip and half zip can look very similar depending on the brand. But the main difference between the two is how far down the zipper can go on each pullover.

Some brands even use the terms interchangeably, which can create even more confusion. But you can look at each product to see the zipper length to ensure it’s the right item for your brand.

What is a Quarter Zip Jacket?

As the name would indicate, the quarter zip jacket is a type of pullover where the zipper starts at the top of the item and ends about a quarter of the way down the garment. This style allows for people who wear it to show off a bit of the outfit that’s on underneath it.

What is a Half Zip Pullover?

A half zip pullover is similar to the quarter zip, except the zipper can be unzipped halfway down the jacket. This not only allows for more of the outfit underneath to be shown off (a few more inches down the chest to be precise), but it can be easier to get on and off since the zipper provides more flexibility for the garment.

Half Zip vs Quarter Zip

Quarter Zip vs Half Zip: Company Logo Pullovers

Besides picking whether you want a half zip or quarter zip, there are several ways you can customize the company logo pullovers you can purchase to help promote your brand.

Pullover Brands

One quick way that you’ll be able to make a bold first impression is by putting your company logo on a pullover from a name brand that’s popular amongst your audience. They will automatically be excited to put on the outerwear, thus exposing your brand to more people.

A few of the popular name brands that you can pick from consist of:

  • Nike
  • adidas
  • New Era
  • Charles River
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Cutter & Buck
  • TravisMathew
  • Under Armour

Pullover Styles

With any piece of clothing, you have to take the design of it into consideration. For quarter zips and half zips alike, you’ll see those that have a lower neckline so wearers can zip them all the way up and it looks like a sweater and others that zip up into a collar that can be either folded down like a polo or popped up for a different style.

Additionally, you’ll be able to choose to put your brand logo either on the left or right side of the pullover. You can also get pullovers in a single solid color or with unique style points including multicolored aspects, distinctive patterns and chest pockets.

Pullover Colors

We know that all brands have a unique set of colors that represent their identity. And fear not, there are so many color choices offered Staples Promotional Products that we’re sure you’ll find the one that fits yours!

Each product is available in a variety of colors or color combinations, along with lots of sizes to make sure everyone can fit into a pullover with your company logo.

Staples Promotional Products offers a number of men’s, women's and kid’s pullover choices including quarter zips, half zips, full zips and ones that close with buttons. Please feel free to browse our site to see which of our quarter zip or half zip pullovers best fit your brand’s image!