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Heart Healthy Branding

12/30/2021 health_wellness

February is American Heart Health Month. Use this time as an opportunity to show your support and raise awareness with custom branded products to promote heart-healthy lifestyles while promoting your brand.

Promoting Heart Health Awareness

The first step to ending heart disease is to start important conversations. For over 50 years, American Heart Health month has been a great opportunity for healthcare practices and other organizations to raise awareness about heart attacks and strokes while encouraging associates, patients and communities to lead healthy lifestyles.

Making small lifestyle changes can make the biggest difference for many. Providing patients, employees, communities and more with promotional products can be an effective way to start those important conversations.

Heart Smart Branding Benefits

Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States? According to the CDC, one person dies every 36 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease. This means that even those who have not personally experienced any heart-related medical concerns likely know or have lost someone who has.

Promotional products can serve as a good reminder about the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices for preventing heart problems. Choosing the right products to share can spread awareness, encourage regular appointments, motivate lifestyle changes and more.

Discover effective solutions to promote healthy hearts and your brand to show support, motivate healthy lifestyles and raise awareness.

Fundamentals Unisex One Pocket Top

Fundamentals Unisex One Pocket Top

Let heart health be the first thing they see when they enter the room. The Fundamentals Unisex One Pocket Top is perfect for nurses, doctors, receptionists and more at healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties to show their dedication and support.

Jockey® Unisex Drawstring w/ Elastic Pant

Jockey Unisex Drawstring w/ Elastic Pant

Looking to go the extra mile? Try pairing the Jockey® Unisex Drawstring w/Elastic Pant with a matching scrub top to complete this heart-healthy uniform.

Tap N' Read Fitness Tracker

Tap N' Read Fitness Tracker

Getting 10,000 steps in a day is a good first step to improving heart health. Grow your business or practice by offering the promotional Tap N' Read Fitness Tracker during health fairs, wellness programs and more.

Moleskine® Passion Journal - Wellness

Moleskine Passion Journal - Wellness

Stress can wreak havoc on blood pressure and overall health. Give the Moleskine® Passion Journal to motivate recipients to take time to actively unwind, decompress and relieve stress.

Heart Magnetic Memo Clip

Heart Magnetic Memo Clip

The best heart-healthy foods live in the fridge. Utilize the Heart Magnetic Memo Clip to encourage healthy food choices at every meal. Ideal for hanging notes, attaching documents, or sealing food bags, these imprinted clips can be handed out during conventions, training courses and more.

Heart Slo-Release Serenity Squishy

Heart Slo-Release Serenity Squishy

Stress balls have many different uses, including lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, improving creativity and more. Give patients, clients and more the Heart Slo-Release Serenity Squishy as a reward for scheduling an appointment, working with your brand and more.

16 oz. Medical Scrubs Water Bottle

When you think of scrubs, you think of healthcare. The unique 16 oz. Medical Scrubs Water Bottle is ideal for encouraging heart-healthy choices at doctors' offices and medical facilities.

Kraft Jotter with Pen

Kraft Jotter with Pen

It’s important to take notes when it comes to heart health. Give the Kraft Jotter with Pen to recipients to take note of your organization when you distribute these logoed notepads at trade shows and medical conferences.

Gildan® Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt

Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

Branded T-shirts are always a fan favorite. Try encouraging employees, clients, patients and more to wear the Gildan® Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt together to show your organization’s solidarity and support.

Reusable Face Mask & Hand Sanitizer Kit

Reusable Face Mask & Hand Sanitizer Kit

Proper handwashing, covering our mouths and avoiding face touching are all great ways to avoid catching the flu and more. While they focus on incorporating heart-healthy lifestyles, remind them to continue staying healthy.

These are just some of our products that promote a heart-healthy lifestyle! Look around our site to see what else you can customize with your brand logo.