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Inexpensive Swag Bag Ideas

06/28/2023 branding_basics

In today's competitive business landscape, companies are looking for effective ways to promote their brand without breaking the bank. It’s natural to think that the more money you spend on swag items, the better; however, inexpensive promotional items offer the exact same impact, impressions and return on investment. Plus, their low cost means you have the budget to order a higher quantity of items and reach a wider range of audiences for less. If you’re curious about what budget-friendly promotional products to stuff your swag bags with, we’ve rounded up our favorites that you can find for less than $5 – or even less than $2!

Inexpensive Swag Ideas Under $5


Custom drinkware, such as reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, are practical promotional items that will be well-used by all types of audiences. Plastic or metal water bottles are ideal for fitness-related activities, like outdoor sporting events and charity runs, where participants can stay hydrated while showing off your logo. Custom coffee mugs are another great option for drinkware, perfect for office settings, trade shows or corporate events.

Tote Bags

From grocery runs and farmer's markets trips to beach days and picnics, tote bags are a convenient promotional product that can be used in a variety of settings. Outside of day-to-day use, they’re also great for giveaways at trade shows and conventions, providing attendees with a way to easily carry materials, brochures and swag they collect. Plus, you can’t have a swag bag without the bag itself!


Keep your audience looking stylish and help them stay safe from the sun with custom hats branded with your company logo. Caps and visors are two specific styles that fall in the “under $5” category, which makes them an affordable and functional swag item for sporting events or golf outings. Hats also come with a ton of customization options, including different logo placements and color options.


Similar to hats, custom sunglasses are an affordable promotional item that offers your audience both style and protection. Recipients can rock them at outdoor events like music festivals, beach parties, or golf outings while protecting their eyes from damaging UV rays. They also come in a variety of styles and colors, from classic black shades to tie-dye frames or mirrored rainbow lenses – all of which are under $5!

Promotional Products Under $5

Inexpensive Swag Items Under $2


Even in an increasingly digital world, pens continue to be one of the most popular promotional products – and for good reason. They’re a simple, practical and inexpensive swag item that people use every day, and all you have to do is stamp your logo on one to start spreading brand awareness. They’re easy to give as gifts, keep around the office, or pass out at meetings, and come in several styles and ink colors.

Koozies & Can Holders

Personalized koozies and can holders are essential summer items, in addition to a fun accessory for sporting events. From sodas to beers, these covers will keep any canned beverage cool while showing off your company logo in social settings such as barbecues, picnics or tailgating parties. You can even co-brand the koozie, placing your company logo next to that of your favorite sports team. Plus, pricing starts at just under a dollar, making it an extremely inexpensive swag item!

Candies & Chocolates

From individually wrapped breath mints to foiled chocolate, satisfy your audience’s sweet tooth with custom candies and chocolates! They’re perfect for parades or public events, especially ones with children in attendance. They can also be left in bowls around your company’s office, providing clients and other visitors with a sweet surprise when they arrive for meetings. And while we have candies and chocolate in the “under $2” category, pricing for these cheap promotional items actually starts at less than $0.20 per unit.

Lip Balm

Branded lip balm is not only a convenient and cheap swag bag idea, but is particularly beneficial for audiences in colder climates or those interested in beauty products. Additionally, people consistently carry lip balm on the go, and with an average lip balm tube lasting around 2-3 months, you’re guaranteed brand exposure for a set period of time.

Hand Sanitizer

Portable hand sanitizers keep audiences happy and healthy on the go, while casually advertising your company. They’re particularly useful for healthcare professionals, as well as office workers, travelers, and parents who need a portable way to keep their palms germ-free. Distributing branded hand sanitizers not only increases brand exposure, but also subtly communicates your commitment to the health and well-being of your customers, clients, and employees.

Promotional Products Unter $2

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