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Nike vs Adidas: Which Promo Products are Better For Your Brand?

06/28/2023 branding_basics

If you’re looking to take your company swag to the next level, customizing name-brand promotional products may be the way to go. Specifically, Nike and Adidas are two globally known brands that everyone knows and loves. They make up a large portion of the global sports and activewear market. While you can’t go wrong with either powerhouse, you may find yourself wondering which is the better brand when it comes to choosing promotional items. Lucky for you, this post is going to dive into the differences between both brands, including their specific products, to help you feel confident in placing your next name-brand promotional product order.

Adidas vs. Nike Products

Nike and Adidas each have distinct histories, brand identities and product strengths that have made them the successful sportswear brands they are today. Established in 1964, Nike is the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, and a leading manufacturer of sports equipment. The brand’s iconic swoosh logo & the "Just Do It" slogan is instantly recognizable by millions around the globe and when it comes to products, they’re best known for their innovation and extensive product range. Additionally, the company collaborates with numerous professional athletes and sports teams – most famously Michael Jordan – and sponsors major sporting events globally. On the other hand, we have Adidas. The German brand was founded in 1949 and is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer globally. In addition to its three-stripe logo, the brand is known for its strong presence in sports, specifically soccer, along with its sustainability efforts. Adidas also makes an effort to not only focus on sportswear, but fashion and lifestyle apparel and footwear as well.

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Here are some things to consider when it comes to their most popular products.


Both Nike and Adidas offer different styles of hats, including beanies, caps, visors and bucket hats. Nike hats often showcase a modern and sleek look, while Adidas hats tend to have a sporty and fashion-forward appeal. In addition to the aesthetic of the hat, consider the activities your audience participates in before choosing the type of hat to personalize. Caps and visors are ideal for runners, golfers and active audiences, while beanies would be better suited for those in colder climates looking for headwear to keep them warm. Additionally, bucket hats are a modern and trendy item that could resonate with younger audiences, and keep their face out of the sun.


When it comes to t-shirts, both Nike and Adidas offer the perfect balance of style, performance and comfort. A classic cotton tee would be best for everyday wear, and for customizing with your colors and logo. However, the brands also offer t-shirts made from lightweight, breathable fabric, perfect for heading to the gym or out for a run. As for style and patterns, Adidas should be your go-to for striped t-shirts.


Polos are a practical promotional apparel item that can be worn for a variety of occasions. In addition to office wear, polos from Nike and Adidas are great for playing golf or tennis. If you're customizing polos to be worn in business settings, check out either Nike or Adidas’s casual collections of polos. As for sportswear polos, it depends on the sport being played. World-famous tennis player Seren Williams has been signed with Nike since 2003, making the brand an excellent choice for tennis polo shirts. As for golf, Adidas may be preferred for its emphasis on comfort.

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Sweatshirts and hoodies make for great casual wear, and offer a more stylish look when branded with Nike or Adidas logos. Both brands offer sweatshirts made from thin or thick materials depending on the intended use, in addition to cropped or oversized styles to appeal to different fashion trends. If your audience lives in a chilly climate or you are customizing promotional apparel for fall or winter, then an oversized fleece hoodie from either Nike or Adidas would be the perfect choice.

Jackets & Pullovers

If your audience needs something to throw on for an early morning on the golf course or late-night jog, it might be best to go with a lightweight jacket or pullover instead of a hoodie. They’re a bit more breathable for sport, and can come in rain-resistant or moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry during bad weather or an intense workout.

Which is Better Nike or Adidas?

Since both Nike and Adidas produce high-quality products, the choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference, sport type and brand affinity. However, you can’t go wrong with customizing products from either brand. Placing your logo next to Adidas’s three stripes or Nike’s swoosh is sure to drive brand awareness and makes for a gift that will be greatly appreciated by customers, prospective clients and employees. Customize products from Nike and Adidas today when you shop the Staples Promotional Products website.

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