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People Are Asking: What Are the Best Executive Thank You Gifts?

11/07/2023 worklife

Are you tired of Googleing "Best gifts for executives" or "Thank you gifts to get for executives" just to find random trinkets or elaborate gift ideas? We know the feeling. Trying to find that perfect thank-you gift can be frustrating, so we've put together a list that focuses on personal and practical items. We also included a couple of options that are better for your budget.

Executive Thank You Gifts for Promotion That Celebrate Success


A celebratory toast is one of the most popular ways to commemorate a career promotion. However, you'll need a few glasses to fill before you pop the bubbly or even say, "Cheers!". This makes custom glassware the perfect gift for celebrating promotions and success.

From wine and whiskey glasses to elegant champagne flutes, there are a variety of glassware styles you can engrave with your company logo, dates, or other details specific to the promotion. A thoughtful gift can be used to celebrate an executive's new role with a welcome gift.

Plaques & Trophies

Walking into an office with many awards on display naturally boosts confidence and trust in that person or company. You can foster those feelings in your workplace by giving custom trophies and plaques as executive gifts. Beyond promotions, these items can be used to celebrate milestones, anniversaries, retirement, or any other significant moment of success.

Awards come in all shapes and sizes, including glass blocks, crystal towers, wood wall plaques, and nameplates. You can customize each with detailed engravings such as a thank-you message, award name or job title, dates, years of service, and more to make the item as personalized as possible.

Executive Thank You Gifts Under $50

Desk & Office Accessories

While awards make memorable thank-you gifts and desk decor, executives could also use some practical, functional accessories for their office space. These desk and office accessories are often under $50, making them affordable.

One sophisticated idea is a leather journal or portfolio set, complete with fountain pens and perfect for executive or board meetings. You can emboss the leather cover with the executive's initials and the company name to make the set more meaningful. Other ideas include a custom desk lamp, digital clock, or desk organizer, each encouraging productivity throughout the workday.

Tech Accessories

Executives need to stay connected throughout the day, meaning their phones and laptops must be charged and ready to use. Additionally, their busy schedules and frequent meetings require devices that allow them to listen to calls on the go, like headphones and speakers. This is when tech accessories come in handy, as they're convenient and practical gifts for executives that run for under $50.

Customizing power banks, wireless charging pads, flash drives, and phone stands are all accessories that provide connectivity and convenience – you could even bundle a few of these items together for a tech-focused gift basket. As for audio devices, you can find select over-the-ear headphones, wired earbuds, and even wireless earbuds in this price range.

Executive Thank You Gifts That Show You Put Thought into Them

Custom Gift Sets

The perfect gift set can show that you truly understand someone. This is primarily when the items revolve around that person's hobbies, habits, or interests. Maybe you know that your manager is a shameless coffee addict, so you customize a set curated with different bags of coffee beans, along with a personalized mug. Or, you know, an executive pencils in a game of golf every weekend, so you customize a gift basket just for them. These personal gift sets show just how much thought you put into the gift.

While putting together your gift basket is the most thoughtful way to go, picking every item for a set can be stressful. It also isn't ideal if you're short on time. Instead, try customizing pre-curated gift baskets that speak to executives' interests. They're still a thoughtful gift without putting too much on your plate.

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