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Redefine Working Remotely

03/25/2020 worklife

Home office sweet home office. Avoid distractions like a pro with tips and tricks to keep things business as usual.   

There’s no place like home (office). Stay productive, creative and focused by following these five working-from-home hacks.   


Stay in One Space 

Pick one workspace and stick with it! Jumping from room to room creates huge distractions and blurs the line between homelife and work-life.  Ideally, this space will include a chair with good back support, decent lighting and a door to avoid distractions. Avoid lounging in bed or on a couch to keep your resting places sacred to resting; instead opt for a table or desk to maintain a professional working space.  


Plan Ahead 

Setting a schedule is a surefire way to start the day off right. Create a to-do list of everything you need to accomplish that day and prioritize them by what needs to be done first. Set rewards for reaching progress goals like a having short break or taking quick minute walk outside to avoid getting burned out or overwhelmed.  


Avoid Distractions 

Sometimes avoiding the distractions of family, chores, errands and more is easier said than done. Being able to set time aside to handle chores and errands is one of the biggest benefits of working from home. If you do need to run to the store or fold laundry, set a timer for 10-15 minutes or use your lunch break to ensure you stay on track. To avoid distractions from kids or family, keeping them entertained is essential!  Try providing puzzles, toys, games and movies to keep them occupied while you are hard at work.  


Don’t Stay in Pajamas 

While staying in pajamas all day might seem like the only perk of working from home, changing clothes is a great way to raise confidence and get in the right mind-space. Freshening up in the morning will also prevent being caught off guard for any video conferences or online meetings. 


Chat with Coworkers 

Communication is key!  Utilize email, video conferences and more to stay connected and check in with coworkers both personally and professionally.  This will help keep the loneliness at bay and maintain the relationships you have with your coworkers. 


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