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Sales Awards: Honoring Your Top Performers

03/21/2019 industry_insights worklife

Recognizing Excellence with Sales Awards

If you’re like a lot of companies, your salespeople are the ones driving revenue through new business and repeat customers. Encourage them to do even more with sales awards. Here’s a look at your options for rewarding your star performers.

Host a Party

We’re not talking about your annual end-of-year party – host a shindig just for top sales performers. If you’ve had a really great year, you might want to have it somewhere exotic like a Caribbean resort or ski retreat. If your budget doesn’t have that kind of extravagance built in, a fancy dinner party downtown can be rewarding too. Think about having some commemorative gifts like a nice pen to give to attendees.

Give Out Plaques or Trophies

Do you know why people like physical awards? It lets them show off to the world just how great they are. Public recognition is a huge motivator. Consider giving away customized plaques to your top salespeople. They’ll love decorating their home or office with the award, and the salespeople who didn’t receive one will be doubly motivated to get one next year.

Offer Extra Days Off

Who doesn’t enjoy an extra day or two off work? Reward salespeople who are hitting their quota regularly with some extra PTO. They’ll come back refreshed and energized, and more than make up for any time they may have missed.

Give Them Something Special

Show your appreciation for their sales skills with a really great and useful item. Hot tech items are always a welcome reward. Or consider a classy briefcase or portfolio. Consider giving an item personalized to the recipient’s interest. For example, if she loves the outdoors, a camping accessory might be just the thing. Likewise, if the salesman loves cooking, a nice cutting board is always a welcome addition.

For more fantastic ideas for sales awards, or rewards for any exceptional employee, be sure to check out our our site.