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The Gift of QR Codes

09/30/2020 seasonal branding_basics

Learn how your brand can utilize QR codes on promotional products and gifts this holiday season and beyond.  

The longer it takes, the easier it is to lose motivation. Now more than ever, providing customers, employees, partners and more with a fast and easy way to reach the information they need is crucial.  


By simply using a smartphone camera to scan the code featured on the product automatically, your brand can connect everyone with easy access to important websites, social media pages, contact information and so much more! Recipients will love the instant access and be impressed by your brand’s innovativeness. Learn more about how your brand can incorporate QR codes with your promotional gifts with these helpful suggestions.  


Holiday Cards 

Don’t just send another holiday card that will get lost in the mix. Stand out from the countless other brands by using a QR code to share a holiday playlist, recipes and more with the Video Brochure. Recipients will love the gesture and appreciate the endless replays of your brand’s sincere message.  


Coupons, Gift Cards and Redemption Codes  

‘Tis the shopping season. Support local businesses, favorite chains, or even provide a discount with your own brand by utilizing QR codes. Find a way to say, “thinking of you” and make gift giving easy with gift cards, coupons and redemption codes.  


Business Cards 

Normal business cards can seem dull and are often thrown out or simply forgotten. Turn heads this year by using promotional products featuring QR codes that connect to important contact information, websites, social media and more. Your brand will be as memorable as the gift!  


The possibilities for what QR codes can do for your brand this holiday season are endless. Discover more ideas, inspiration and gifting solutions in the 2020 Seasonal Idea Book! 



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