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Why Unique Desk Accessories Make Fun Promo Items

06/15/2023 worklife

Have you ever had a wacky or unique item catch your eye as you’re walking by a colleague’s desk? Maybe it’s a cool trinket they picked up while traveling or an intriguing glass paperweight that was gifted to them. Either way, the item caught your attention and you were interested to learn more about it.

This is why unique, personalized desk accessories can make for great promotional items. They can be a strategic way to increase brand awareness, as they pique people’s interest and can be complete with your company logo, colors or slogan.

Additionally, they can subtly communicate your brand values, showing that you put thought and care into customer appreciation through gift giving. If you’re still on the fence about fun desk accessories, here are a few other reasons your business should consider customizing some.

Unique Desk Accessories Make a Personal Gift

Gift giving is already a tough task, especially if you don’t know your audience on a personal level. Plus, finding a gift that is both appreciated and actually used can be a challenge. In a world flooded with generic presents, unique desk accessories offer a practical and customizable gift that is sure to be shown off.

From multi-function desk lamps to sleek phone stands, there are dozens of well-designed desk accessories just waiting to be customized with company logos and brand colors, or even details like the recipient’s job title or name. Just imagine presenting a colleague with a personalized leather desk pad engraved with their name or a quirky mug featuring their favorite quote – it demonstrates your attention to detail and the level of care you have for your employees, coworkers or clients.

If you’re wondering when to give these personal gifts, unique desk accessories can be gifted for multiple occasions. For birthdays, you can surprise your audience with a personalized desk accessory that reflects their interests or hobbies. Work anniversaries are also a great occasion to give fun desk accessories, thanking colleagues for their commitment and contribution. And when saying goodbye to a coworker who is leaving the company, a personalized farewell gift such as a classy glass gift set can serve as a meaningful reminder of their time in the workplace.

Spice Up Your Audience’s Desk Setup

Did you know that a Capital One survey indicated that 90% of full-time office workers reported performing better in well-designed work spaces? Spicing up your desk setup with unique promotional desk items has the power to transform a dull and ordinary workspace into an inspiring and vibrant working environment.

A personalized space creates a sense of ownership and comfort, allowing you to feel more connected to your work. It can make you feel like you're bringing your full self to the office, as your space serves as a reflection of your personality, interests and style. Whether it's an eccentric pencil holder, a colorful mouse pad or a push-pop stress-relieving ruler, these items can help your audience feel seen, creating a positive employee atmosphere, client relationship or first impression with a potential client.

Additionally, a spiced up desk setup can significantly improve efficiency and output during the workday. Items such as desk organizers or cable management systems can help eliminate clutter for better focus and organization, helping your audience save valuable time searching for things. Or having office essentials like a calculator or sticky notes on hand can be extremely convenient for performing tasks and writing down notes. At the end of the day, everyone appreciates items that improve their productivity, performance and day-to-day at work.

Make Brand Impressions at the Office

Personalized and unique desk accessories not only add a touch of style to workspaces, but also act as subtle marketing tools that catch the attention of colleagues, clients and visitors. People are more likely to show off personalized gifts with pride, putting them out in the open for everyone to see.

By incorporating company logos, slogans or colors onto these personalized desk items, you can reinforce your brand identity while providing your audience with an item tailored to them. The logo doesn’t have to be big or take over the entire item, just enough to drive visibility of your brand throughout an office.

Additionally, thanks to the increase in remote work, many office workers have their own desk setups at home where they can keep work accessories. This means whenever visitors are over, they may catch a glimpse of their unique desk accessories displayed in their home office. This also gives you the opportunity to personalize unique items specifically tailored to home office settings, such as camera lights for virtual meetings or posters to put up as a meeting backdrop.

Ready to start customizing fun & unique desk accessories yourself? Explore the Staples Promo site.

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