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Which Brand is Best for Men's T Shirts?

01/23/2023 industry_insights

When it comes to men’s T shirts, there are so many different options out there. You can pick from crewnecks and V-necks, solid colors and patterned, short sleeve and long sleeve, a number of different materials and more.

The same goes with the choices you have for T shirt brands, whether you’re looking for custom products or not. You may have a favorite to wear for yourself, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the ideal choice for a promo item for your brand. Here are a few of the men’s T shirt companies that we have in our inventory.

Best Men’s T Shirt Companies

Men’s Fruit of the Loom T Shirts

Fruit of the Loom has been an American staple since 1851 with roots in Warwick, Rhode Island. And the brand was quite notable because of their TV commercials promoting their underwear in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s with their mascots: the apple, the green grapes, the purple grapes and the leaf.

Besides underwear, another big seller for the brand is men’s Fruit of the Loom T shirts. Fruit of the Loom is known for their soft cotton shirts, but what you may not know is that their goal was to use more than 7 million feet of polyester by the end of 2022 and aim to produce clothing with 100% sustainable cotton by 2025 per their website.

Hanes T Shirts for Men

The story of Hanes is similar to Fruit of the Loom, being founded in 1900 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with the name Shamrock Knitting Mills before being renamed as an homage to founder John Wesley Hanes. And the same goes for the company’s advertising, except replacing the fruit mascots with celebrities including:

  • Michael Jordan
  • Matthew Perry
  • Marisa Tomei
  • Jackie Chan
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Cuba Gooding, Jr.

In terms of variety, Staples Promotional Products offers a few different Hanes T shirts for men ranging from the Nano-T® and Beefy-T® to the Authentic and ComfortSoft®. Each provide a different look and feel, as well as a slew of unique color options.

Which Brand is Best for Men's T Shirts

Champion T Shirts for Men

One of the sportier brands that offer T shirts is Champion, which was created in 1919 and called the Knickerbocker Knitting Company due to its ties to New York (proven by its original headquarters in Rochester). Not only does the brand have the notoriety to be chosen to produce all NBA uniforms in the 1990s and some NFL teams, but they are also under the same parent company as Hanes.

Appropriately, the look and feel of Champion T shirts for men are more athletic when compared to other brands on our site. Champion is perfect for those brands who are looking to put their logo on a shirt with a sporty flair.

Men Gildan T Shirts

Another activewear company that offers high-quality T shirts is Gildan. This Canadian brand was founded in 1984 and has been growing since, with notable media including a commercial during the Big Game’s third quarter back in 2013 and country music superstar Blake Shelton being a spokesperson.

Though they might not be as well known or enduring in the industry as other brands, the Gildan T shirts for men are big sellers on the Staples Promotional Products site due to their affordability and easy ability to customize by size and color while prominently featuring your logo in a stylish yet soft piece of clothing.

How Much Does the Average Custom T Shirt Cost?

The average cost of custom T shirts depends on the brand that you choose and the quantity you buy. In terms of the amount of men’s T shirts you purchase, the more shirts that you add to your order, the cheaper they will be per unit than less. For example, you’ll get a discounted rate when buying 48 shirts when compared to 24.

Besides the brands mentioned above, there are several others offered on our site and the average custom T shirt cost hinges on the company and type of shirt. Other brands in our lineup include:

Each company also has distinct product offerings that cost more or less per custom T shirt based on factors such as their design, the amount of fabric used and the type of material the item is made out of.

Check out all of the men’s T shirts you can get at Staples Promotional Products by browsing our site!