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24-Hour Production

Get fast, next-day decoration on any item in this collection. Simply place your order by 1PM Central Time and we’ll produce and ship it the next business day. (Excluding weekends & holidays)

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Rush Promotional Products

Staples Promotional Products offers a variety of rush promotional items that can be produced with a 24-hour turnaround! Rush promotional products enable businesses to swiftly deploy branded merchandise to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities, such as industry events, trade shows, or product launches.

Expedited production and delivery processes ensure that promotional items reach their intended audience promptly, maximizing brand exposure and engagement during critical moments. Whether distributed as giveaways, incentives or part of a flash sale promotion, rush promotional products generate immediate brand visibility and create buzz around the brand's offerings.

24-Hour Rush Promotional Items

Despite their expedited timelines, 24-hour rush promotional items maintain the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship as our line of promo products. In fact, the items in our 24-hour lineup are the exact same as those that are offered without that fast of a turnaround!

Whether sponsoring a conference, trade show, or corporate event, businesses can leverage our rush promotional products to create branded merchandise or giveaways that leave a memorable impression on attendees. Quick production and delivery of promo items ensure that businesses make a splash at events, stand out from competitors and maximize their return on investment in event marketing initiatives.

24 Hour Pens

If you’re not looking to break the bank, then there are a slew of 24 hour pens to choose from in our inventory. Each of these products are not only budget friendly, but they also deliver on the high quality that you’re looking for in a long-lasting product to allow your brand name or messaging to make an impression on your audience.

There are a variety of models and colors to choose from to ensure that your brand’s integrity won’t be compromised. If you’re looking for something extra in your promotional product, there are also notebook and pen combinations available in our 24-Hour Production collection.

24 Hour Custom Mugs

If durability is what you’re seeking out of your promo item, then check out our 24 hour custom mugs! We have plenty of mug options that are made to take your drink to go to the office or on errands since we know how busy your target audience can be. These products, also called tumblers, can be designed with or without handles, and with eco-friendly materials to make your brand logo last for years to come.

24 Hour Tote Bags

Other popular rush promotional products that we offer as part of our collection are 24 hour tote bags. Also made out of sturdy eco-friendly materials, these custom totes are designed to carry practically anything anywhere and are becoming more commonplace especially as more people are substituting reusable grocery bags for one-use plastic bags. Not to mention being a great item to give away at trade shows or events to carry around swag.

Other 24 Hour Promotional Products

>There are plenty of other 24 hour rush promotional items to choose from on the Staples Promotional Products site. Just browse above to see items including sunglasses, water bottles, stress relievers, plastic cups, drawstring bags, crayons, colored pencils, charging cables and much more! And keep coming back since we’re always expanding our collection to include more products.